May 14th

Just a mini-update here. This last weekend was a confusion of fun, $$$, schmoozing, and a shot of really good news!

This past Friday evening was a chunk of expense. I'd had a call from the shop - my year old $199 DVD player could be fixed with a $177 laser. The newest edition of the same model I picked up at Video Only as a replacement cost me $183. From there to CarToys for my first ever training-wheels model cell phone. That put another $150 on the debit card. Saturday morning to register the car I bought from Dad was another $250, and $75 to get the insurance going on it. Yeow! I got to feeling like I was running through the woods from the Toothless Man trying to keep my wallet from squealing like a pig.

Saturday evening was a bit of fun though. Heard from R and she came by my place for a ride, and we car pooled down to KSlave's place for a dinner party. Before she ever started law school she did a year and a half in Israel, and served as a paramedic on an ambulance there. The MidEast issues are not my topic of choice generally because the entire waste seems so insoluble, but with her personal experiences and insights we enjoyed discussing the topic all the drive down. We got there fashionably late, and I got to jump in to fill an empty seat in the Porno Pictionary, already in progress. You ever try to draw under pressure of an egg timer while you're stuffing your face with good spaghetti and chugging Code Red? There was a quite fun kinky gift exchange that Panther coordinated, and then C and I retired to the play space to saran wrap KSlave, then pallet wrap her to a 6 foot 1x12. I made tiny slits to find the electrode patches I'd put in place before we started, and hook them up to the Mean Green Machine. The usual screams and orgasms ensued, with C helping them along with a little clitty tickle. Great fun, and once we got her out of the wraps she curled up in my lap on the floor for a while in a little nest of recovery. It was a nice moment.

Sunday morning I had to be over at UW at the crack of 11am to pick up Bridgett and Natalie for lunch. I woke up in a start at 1020am and pulled up in front of the building at 1054. Not bad, but a kilt, t-shirt, and birks are a pretty low maintenance way of getting ready. We had a great lunch at the Sunlight Cafe, then Bridgett - shibari artist that she is - had to check out the bamboo store across the street. It was a pleasant morning spent with two lovely ladies in light conversation, a finestkind way to spend a lazy sunday.

Catsy finally got his orientation done at the Wet Spot, and damned if he didn't end up doing a horizontal tango with an acquaintance of mine that very same night. Sheesh. Like Father Like Son is sometimes very weird.

And now yesterday I got the good news from Dad. He saw his nephrologist and has been given a reprieve. She told him that he might not have to start dialysis until September or so, and he's excited. He plans on getting up to his Pacific Northwest summer home within a couple of weeks, and we'll start looking for Mariners games we can get tickets for. It will be nice to see him more for a bit, but the load off my head about his renal condition is incredible.

Life is quite good. Love to y'all.

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