May 31st

Well, just to reassure one and all, the kinder and gentler Peter is still with us. The rant of my last 'cranky' note was basically for two reasons. One, I needed to vent. Two, if at all possible, I wished to let the criminals have fair notice that [a] I'll be looking for them and [b] once found, I will have zero patience. Nothing illegal will be done.

The roll call of fraudulent subscriptions is continuing, tapering off though, and all websites are being put on notice that fraud is occurring. It'll fade, but it is a bit of a PITA. Enough 15 minutes of fame for these fools.

Ah - last Saturday, how could I have missed posting some comments? Two of my favorite honeys, Kevin and Nia, have been flirting up a storm, damn near burning out the circuits on ICQ. Yenta that I am [well, Scotch Irish, but some things are universal] I was tremendously excited by getting two of the people who mean the most to me together. It really helped that Kevin was awestruck by Nia and was tremendously flattered at the possibility of even observing her play. It really helped that Nia thought that Kevin was cute as a button and respected his bondage skills very much.

Nia and I had planned to play and I asked Kevin if he would assist. When she and I walked into the Wet Spot Kev was standing there, looking fantastic in his leathers starting at his Daddy Hat all the way down his lanky body. Nia squealed, or at least she would have if she had any oxygen passing the leather corset I'd laced her into. We all gave greeting schooches to Georgette and Jim and Boop and everyone else we saw.

Early in the evening we headed back to the play space, planning on using the same piece of equipment we had several times before. Initially I told Kev that he and Nia should get to know each other and build their bonds and I'd be back in a few minutes. Of course, when I came back I stood there watching the two of them share a lip lock for hours [subjectively] before coming up for O2. The corset Nia had just bought at Venus is beautiful, nice black leather with rings for tie-off all around the thing. Waist, shoulder straps, and garters. Kev brought enough rope to wrap the Space Needle into a manila appearance, and he did his usual wonderful job in securing her to the apparatus. In meticulous wrappings her ankles were secured not only to the legs of the frame but also to each other. The links at the sides of her waist were likewise secured out to the sides of the frame and then the shoulder straps of the corset were released so that the rings at the tops of her tits could also be tied off to the top of the framework. Ah - and I do believe there was just the slightest bit of fairly coarse and abrasive rope tied around her hips and down under her girl bits. I had been out schmoozing with another of Nia's partners and his wife, giving Kevin some time and space to work in, and I walked back into the room just as Nia was shuddering in her first standing orgasm of the night.

I had told Kevin that the bondage Nia had experienced before had primarily been 'happy' bondage, quite bottom friendly. I asked him to bring his more tactile rope, to use positions not quite as flexible and to make sure that the ropes bit a bit. Apparently, that was the right change to make, judging by her response. As well, I'd planned on upping the intensity of the flogging a bit. In her introduction I'd stayed close to the level of "a friendly bit of massage between friends", cuz I know she's not heavily into the impact sports.

Two of my whips were made by Ruth Marks, a leatherdyke now living in the Bay area who, when in Seattle, was just about to leave whip making behind when I knew her. Most whip makers I've known have either suffered carpal tunnel problems requiring medical intervention or have had to change careers due to the pain, all this from the types of stressful repetitive strains of leather braiding. Ruth, when I last saw her, was moving into making floral arrangements, but I was lucky enough to have her make me two custom whips. One is a very light little thing, suitable for warm up and breast or cock'n'ball torture. The other is a heavy thud, made of beefalo hide, thick and hits like a wall hits you.

Nia, in her first flogging, had met the warm up whip [Ruth called it a 'planchet', and even though none of the definitions I've found for that word make sense that's what I call it as well]. Nia had not met the beefalo hide [which I generally shorthand to 'my buffalo hide whip', figuring that 'beefalo' is too esoteric of a term to worry about in play space]. I warmed her up with the planchet, and then moved on to the nice soft deerskin. The deerskin has a nice feature - at the top of the handle is a 3" wide wrap of mink fur, which can be a very interesting tactile sensation on the bottom's skin after suitable warming stimulation. From the deerskin I moved up, for the first time, to the buffalo thudder. She was able to cope with it adequately, although it appeared that she really hated my guts when I demonstrated how even the thuddiest thudder can sting like a jellyfish if you only stroke the butt with the very end tips of the flails. That girl has remarkable language diversity available to her just under that fragile fašade of gentility. Hehehehehe. What she did NOT like is the braided cat. Not a bit of thud to it; the cat [a legacy piece, passed on to me from Al D ] is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, and is one stingie mutha. I didn't even get to the real mutha, the flogger made from little pencil-sized strips of steel belted radial [in the hierarchy of my toy bag, the "realist of them all stingiest mutha"]. I'd upped the ante some from prior play, and backed on out when she started to develop some cramps and stuff that were distracting her attention too much onto non-scene pain. I unzipped her corset and let her collapse, and then spent forever getting all of Kevin's fine rope untied. Even with relatively quick release ties, there was a lot of it.

By the time we'd ended the bondage and flogging, Kevin had started a scene with Boop over on an adjoining mattress, caning her exquisite bottom. I gotta tell ya, Nia and I both kept standing there agog, noticing how perfectly marvelous her touchas looked. [I don't know how proper it is for a Scot-Irishman to use a Hebrew term to describe a Chinese buttocks being caned by a German, but is this a great melting pot of a country or what?!] We wrenched our attention away and went off in search of hydration and a change in focal distance for our eyes for a few minutes. When we returned, Kev and Boop were still having a marvelous time. Like I've said before, Kevin is engineer trained and where I multiplex, juggling website reviews and jerking off and watching DVDs and cooking all at the same time, he does one thing at a time, and does it perfectly in total focus. This discipline applied to the process of caning, predominantly a slow steady repetitive style, rather than the "hit 'em harder" flash. It really seemed to be working for them both.

Nia had come out of the flogging a bit rough, unsolicited aches [a finger cramp out of the blue that wouldn't go away? Weird!] and an uncertain headspace, or so it seemed to me. I wanted to move her on to a more memorable and positive ending point for the evening, so I covered a padded sawhorse across the room from Kevin's scene, and had her lay back along the saw horse as I broke out the candles. One candle in each hand and I covered her from the cup of the neck to the lower inside thighs, with special attention paid to nipples and her nether bits. Candles are an extremely happy thing for this girl, and she went into tilt overwhelm - in a good way - several times. When I finally slowed back, put the candles out, and let her catch her breath, she came to a good and rosy place. That's when I took one of the 3" candle stubs and inserted it in her pussy, and it took about 30 seconds of clit tickle to put her over the top. Enough over the top that now, as I'm writing this five days later, the bruise on my shoulder from where she bit me hard is just starting to fade. A very happy time. A very happy girl. A very happy Peter.

Let there be no doubt, life is extremely good right now.

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