May 28th

Cranky interlude

Here's how to get Peter's attention.

Subscribe him to 66 different christian and conservative mailing lists in one single fucking burst of fraud. Sixty-seven pieces of incoming mail tonight and only one legitimate one.

Of course, having done these fraudulent subscriptions, you realize that your own identity is being traced, and your ISP will be involved. You realize that your identity will be spread far and wide. Your own aggravation and legal problems are only beginning.

A little lesson here. I was in kindergarten in 1953 in a small town north of Seattle. Walking across the playground a big kid with a big bike ran me down on the playground, knocking me half silly and giving me one of my first encounters with the emergency room. Forty-eight years later I've recently found that big kid's name, a pretty good idea where he lives today, and am trying to decide between loosening his lug nuts on all four tires or simply butt-fucking the fool without lube. I do have a memory, and have several lesser traits I haven't used up yet.

To the poor soul who filled my inbox today with all those 'christian' subscriptions, please realize that you follow a religion which emphasizes forgiveness. I don't. I was not smiling earlier as I went through the unsubscribing process; I am definitely smiling as I contemplate giving in to my baser instincts upon finding you.

Have a real smurfy day. Life will be quite good very soon….

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