May 20th, Catching up once again…

Life continues, and as I always say, life continues good. Here are some of the details since I last reported.

A couple of weeks ago Nia and I enjoyed several wonderful hours at Tubs down in the Univ District. She was recovering from recent leg surgery and the afternoon delight was a combined therapeutic soak and a getting-closer time. She had been apprehensive about my being shocked or disgusted at her being bruised, but c'mon - gimme a break! She is beautiful, she is naked, she happens to have a couple of bruises --- I'm both an experienced sadomasochist who causes bruises and also a trained medical professional who treats them. I chose to simply focus on the "she's beautiful and naked" part, and we had a simply marvelous time.

Dad is escaping the oven that Phoenix turns into in the summer and as well is visiting family and making the rounds. He pulled into town on the 8th, just as I was entering my days off for that week. I really love the guy, and more and more I fear for the day when I won't have him there for me and it brings me to tears every time I think on it. He is in his late 70s and is still quite active, hasn't lost any mentation of note, and has physical infirmities that don't limit him. Regardless, I see the little changes of age, the jowls larger since the last time I saw him, napping a bit more in the afternoon, little bits of this and that and I find myself cursing our short lifespan and begging for the slimmest chance of medical breakthroughs similar to what I've read about in my science fiction books all these years. As I've said before, my better traits and qualities I got from my Dad, and my lesser traits and qualities I developed on my own.

We had Number One Son over for a three-generation dinner, and then Dad and I each kicked in a twenty-dollar bill to pay for my son's taxi fare to SeaTac at oh-dark-thirty. He was flying out to Chicago for a con where he was to be on a panel, and had a 6am flight. Dad and I were each cheerfully happy to pay for a cab instead of making a 4:30am drive to and from. I live on the north end of town, the airport is on the south end of town, and the second worst traffic in the nation is in between - you do the math.

The next day Nia joined Dad and I for an afternoon of wandering Costco. We lost Dad fairly early in the effort, but I had no doubts that he would be in one of the seats next to the hot dog vendor just outside the check-out counter and he was indeed. She and I hit electronics - she got a DVD player - and just generally had a giggly silly time wandering each aisle. We each bought more than we needed and found lots of things to pretend to buy for kinky purposes. I talked with the pharmacist about how silly it is for Costco to only stock the condoms with non-oxynol-9 [yuck!] despite the news reports, which the pharmacist herself stated she had seen! She suggested I fill in a form, because someone else actually does the procurement decisions. Argh - bureaucracies!

After we got home Nia ran home to put her purchases away and she hurried on back where Kevin joined us for a dinner here. I've been more and more open with Dad on the realities of my life [and having to repeat myself on occasion, with him forgetting some things]. At dinner I mentioned how enriched I felt having chosen family and blood family both, and tonight together. Dad, gentleman that he is, said that he was flattered to be there since "you folks are chosen family but he had no choice with me". I made sure that he knew that I couldn't have picked better had I been given the chance. After dinner Dad was relaxing in front of the fire while I put my new DVD of Gladiator on and Nia settled into the recliner. I assumed my usual position in the cockpit of my PC corner to do some website reviews and Kevin, saint that he is, settled down in front of the recliner and gave Nia about an hour or more of attentive and loving foot worship. Well, "a nice foot rub" is what Dad thought he saw but let's be real here - this was indeed "worshiping the feet of a goddess" in the minds of the rest of us.

After my guests went on home Dad asked me, "I'm puzzled. You said that Nia is married but her husband wasn't here, and you said that Kevin is married but his wife wasn't here…" I explained that that is true, and that it's all open and ok with everyone. I went on into the basic poly discussion again, that just about everyone in my community had similar leanings, and that it was much more comfortable than the sorts of hiding and cheating and such nonsense that ends up on the talk shows. Right about then I got an ICQ from Nia that I mentioned to Dad, that she had gotten home and found that her husband was out with his girlfriend so she was gonna gather up an armful of smut and go to bed until he returned. Just as when I jumped up in my sling last year and swung around and asked him "…ever make love in mid-air, Dad?"… he let me know that he was obviously just born a generation too soon, and he sounded quite regretful in saying so.

I had to return to work on Saturday morning, the 12th, so Dad drove on up to Bellingham to visit other family. That night, however, I had accepted an invitation to a private play party at a friend's house out in greater east bummfukt [the outer suburb of North Bend, or someplace near there]. Due to the simple logistics of the day Nia came by and picked me up from work for the trip out. She drove her hubby's little go-fast car and damn but it does indeed Go Fast! I'll look forward to riding in it some day when it's warm and we can have the roof down [so I don't bump my head on the damn thing!] Directions were good and we got out there in mid evening. This was to be Nia's first private party, and she knew next to no one there. She's a poised and composed person, and fit in marvelously. We had a minimal sketch of what we were to do, and I improvised a bit around the edges of that. It seemed to go well, pretty much as follows.

Nia had a couple of cuffs she likes, and I put those on first. Nice shiny patent leather with furry inside, it gave her a bit of comfort to have those used. Once they were in place, however, I pretty much ignored them, as I had other thoughts. We were playing in a room with a huge waterbed, so I had her sit on the foot of the bed frame and put her lovely breasts into tight bondage from 50' of rope. I then applied large squares of duct tape over her nipples, and then used my lightest flogger to thoroughly set the tape in place, to virtually bond with her flesh. As with her nice cuffs, that was then 'forgotten'. I put my Peerless brand leg irons on, a 12" chain between the ankle cuffs, and then put the transport belt on which is a waist chain padlocked to itself, with two handcuffs coming out on 8" attached chains. I turned the chain backwards so that her hands were cuffed behind her off the waist chain, and then took a 6' rope length and tied the ankle chain off to the waist belt, thrusting her into a hog-tied position. She had a fun time then when I commanded her to get up onto her knees in a kneeling position on the shaking and rolling waterbed. Well, ok, so it wasn't that much fun for her - I enjoyed it, and ended up having to reach down and manhandle her up into position - but she was pointed the wrong direction so I had to tip her over and let her work on struggling up again… which again required ultimate manhandling. Finally in the proper kneeling position, facing the foot of the bed, I broke out the candles. The first time I'd used them I had instantly realized that candles - and probably other similar intensely focusing sensation like clips or needles - absolutely worked for her. When I began dripping wax on her she turned into a wanton slut with absolutely shredded self-control, and it was beautiful to see. I dripped it and dripped it and passed the candles under her tits and scared her and excited her and covered her breasts and mons with wax, along with the unexpected but scintillating other places such as inner thighs and under arms and the cup of the neck. After she appeared to plateau, I ripped the duct tape off of her nipples and dripped more wax onto the previously protected erectile tissue and she surged even more against the restraint. I let the rope loose that had her hogtied and allowed her to lay supine, and kept the wax coming until she was near overwhelm, and then began to fingerfuck her over the top. Gads, but the expression in her eyes - vulnerable, trusting, fearful, loving, terrified, grateful, all together - it was the most marvelous gift I could imagine. I kept going, orgasm after orgasm, I had to try to gift her as much as possible to thank her just for the offering she had given me. When she was ready to rest I pulled out a very sharp hunting knife and began to pick some of the wax off, teasing her dermis with the blade and point and then I inserted the handle and fucked her with the handle of the knife until she came one more time. Once we'd cleaned up as best we could, we enjoyed the hot water of a shower for another 20 minutes or so, and this was a happy thing in and of itself. The drive home was a bit of a pleasant denouement, moving back into our real lives as they occur.

The next three days were rough for me, twelve to fourteen hour days at my Other Job, fighting the good fight, being sleep deprived and developing definite sore feet. I finished up a long day on the 15th and crashed hard that night. What had kept me going through the work days - I'm sure my coworkers were tired of hearing about it - was that the first three days after I got off, the 16th - 18th, I had tickets to the Mariners games each day at Safeco field! Dad and I got to the last two games of the series with Chicago, and then Friday night Panther and I got to the opening game of the Yankees visit.

Life just keeps on continuing to be a full harvest. Nia is out of town on family business and a couple days ago I got a note from a friend [nicknamed DL, for reasons I'll explain to someone someday I'm sure] asking if I was going to a party this Saturday night. I hemmed and hawed about not being sure, the lady I'd been thinking about going with [Nia] is out of town and this and that and next thing I knew I had DL and Mighty Mouse here. I fed them well - marinated chicken slices mixed with steamed veggies, headed up with a bowl of that ham hock and bean soup I bottled and froze a week or two ago. DL had wanted MM and I to paint her with liquid latex for a costume for the party, and after dinner we spread out newspaper and got ready. Unfortunately, several of the bottles of liquid latex were solid latex inside once opened. One bottle of Pepto-Bismol colored stuff was liquid so MM and I started dipping brushes and painting a blouse on DL. One problem that appeared is that every time she lifted her lovely breasts and we painted under them, the paint on the underside of the breasts bonded with the paint on the chest wall underneath and … well, it was fun and it was a great idea and maybe next time it will work. This time we ended up peeling it all off [fun in and of itself, mind you] and after she showered again we gave her a blouse of pallet wrap and tape.

The party was fun, a pleasant time at the home of Matisse's partner, whose birthday it was. Jane and Jim were there, as were the folks from House of Gord, James and his lovely, and many other friends I hadn't seen in a while. More social happened than play, although you'd look at folks sitting around you would notice all of a sudden that someone over there would be doing breath control or someone over there is doing knife foreplay… all very subtle. DL had been considering asking me to put some needles in her but then didn't feel in the right headspace, so it'll happen another day. I played a little fool-around with Alikat while her guy Fred did a flogging, and then MM - who had driven me - and I headed on out. She dropped me off and I collapsed, to awake just in time to watch Roger Clemens bite the big one as the Mariners trounced the Yankees.

To wrap this update up, Omaha and I had a pleasant time this afternoon. First of all we soaked for an hour or so at Tubs and then a great Greek dinner at Costas - love that flaming Saganaki! I dropped her off at home, ate one fantastic chocolate cookie her hubbie and daughter had just made, and got myself on home. I'm sitting here now, in real time, finishing this journal entry up as I'm ICQing with Nia, just returned to town and eager to catch up. I'm going to get this tome sent off and get back to dealing with the real world.

One word - on dating conventions. Janie told me that some folks were asking. Most often regardless of when I've written an entry I've dated it the date of the events recounted. Obviously, in a two-three week recounting such as today that varies. In general I'll be sticking with the 'date of events' rather than the 'date typed', but I'll do my best to make it clear.

And, just to be absolutely clear, life is quite good.

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