May 29th, 2000

Memorial Day. Holiday for normal folks. I'm off to work at my 'other job' this afternoon on my usual schedule.

Saturday nite had a first date with da blonde. She's a beautiful lady who sought me out, said flattering words to me, and told me she admired the sensual sadism she had seen me display. We got together for a dinner a week or so ago and this last Saturday was our first play date. Da blonde has told me she especially wants to be able to work up to doing the breast press kavadi that I did with Panther a few months back, but she has never done any blood sports before. She's been primarily a flogging and bondage bottom. I decided not to do any piercings on this first play date, but to work her up in the direction of similar sensations, see how she did with intense and sharp piercing pain applied lovingly and severely, and to just generally work on getting to know each other. I think it went well, and next time da blonde and I play, blood will flow.

She's a former nurse so I made sure to use the same sorts of medical restraints she used to use on patients. I shredded her clothes - except for a garter belt and an exceptionally attractive pair of red lace hose - with a sharp knife. Whenever I was done with the knife I stabbed it into the wood of the cross she was tied to, right next to her field of vision; that seemed to have more effect than the feel of the steel on her skin. Oh, I challenged her with a few different sensations. Forty some feet of steel chain that had spent 24 hours in the freezer was a surprise when I wrapped it into a body harness but it didn't really seem to warm her up much. A nice introduction to my collection of floggers, some strategic clothes pins. The wartenberg wheel seemed to get her attention, especially when the binder clips held her labia wide open and I exercised the wheel inside on her clit and inner lips. All of that sorta faded and seemed bland, though, when I got out the bullwhip. It's a short bullwhip, certainly much less than an Indiana Jones or Zorro model, but it is certainly effective. The email I got from her today, 24 hours later, was still as bubbling over and over the top as she sounded right during and after the scene, and she was nice enough to send me a jpg showing her welts.

Sunday night Panther was over. This was designed as a low-key relax around over Chinese carry out and videos no-stresser. Kevin - the beautiful man - had just delivered the video he had taped of the piercing suspension ritual we did a couple of days ago and so we had to immediately watch. We'd both been wondering what the whole thing looked like from someone else's perspective, and now we know. I threw on my tape of the Lahey family I had dubbed off of PBS [] and she liked it as much as I do. We tried to find a rental copy of American Beauty but no success at a couple local stores so we came back home, looked over the collection, and found out that she had never seen Bound. Gads, what an oversight - we watched that and she really enjoyed it. When that was over I broke out the Viagra and we generally had a great time showing each other how much we enjoy their company. She had me lay back and manipulated my bod and a prostate toy til I went charmingly non-verbal and out of control. Five minutes rejuvenation and I proceeded to get my knuckles clamped on severely fisting her to multiple multiple orgasms. When everyone involved feels like thanking everyone else sincerely, y'all done good I say.

After she departed I started turning back into a pumpkin. Loads of laundry needed to be done before the work week started. I cooked up a 3lb corned beef to nibble off of all week. Finished the book review for Charles Gatewood's latest effort and sent it off to Janes. Finished a couple of site reviews that had been pending. Played with my prostate one more time, and I'm ready to sleep all day and be perky tonite at work.

It's no fun at all that my co-worker tonight is one of those silly fundie xtians, and there is little I can say to a question of "So, how was your weekend?" ["Thanks for asking, Werner. Hot raw bullwhip sex with one lady then I took it up the ass from another. And you?"]

A full weekend. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing "how I spent my summer vacation" in this journal, sometimes I feel like there is discussion of substance. I'm sure I'll settle into "my voice" in time. In the meantime, I'll just fumble along, merrily documenting my sluthood, my thoughts, my worries, and my travails. If no one is listening, that's fine - writing it helps me tremendously in communing with myself. If y'all are out there, I hope you're enjoying my life as much as I am!

Life is indeed good.

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