May 23rd, 2000

Quick update. I know I haven't written in a couple days.

Nice time Saturday nite, took Omaha to the Wet Spot and did a fun mummification. It was our first play since before her baby was born last fall, but more than that it was her first full mummification. She let me know she was terrified, but kept up a mantra to herself about trust. I started with headphones to a boom box with a CD on it she said she trances well to. Saran Wrapped that to her head, wrapped her head and each extremity, then the body as a whole, and then wrapped her body horizontal to a massage table, then duct taped her immobile.

That, of course, was when I broke out the exquisitely sharp knife to expose certain [predictable] sensitive areas of the body to alternatively stroke with the knife point and pinch with clothes pins. She had mentioned that the one prior time she'd played with clothes pins she had fainted, but this experiment went well. I wasn't all cruel - I also used a nice little squirrel fur wipe to be nice to her, and fingered her to a state of oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.

We had a nice time and she didn't let her fears overwhelm her. Later I helped Sparkle learn how to do play piercings, with the always helpful Panther standing in as a stunt bottom. She is so selfless, the things she does for her community.

An NLA meeting Sunday afternoon cut my sleep short of course, and dinner with the boy Sol afterwards helped catch us both up on each other's life.

I've been noticing something strange the past few days in my self abuse. Normally I use visual stimuli [jpg, VHS, mpg, etc]. Generally use some sort of prostate insertable - pleasant at any age but __helpful__ in middle age - and silicon lube and things go well. Not generally an all day long affair like some of my female friends, but usually not a 2 minute thingie either. Just recently I've used text instead of image more, and it seems that I can go on for 2-3 hours. Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing [I have a history of rubbing a layer of skin off when I go on too long, but that is prior to silicon lube, and when I use it as a sleep aid 2-3 hours is unreasonable] and am still deciding what I think about it. Just a change. Guess I'll have to experiment a lot more, in the interests of science. Yeah, that's the ticket, science [insert Jon Lovitz voice here].

Life is good.

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