May 11th, 2000

Went down to the Wet Spot tonite to see a reading by Lady Green and Hanne Blank, on their books. One is an advocate for responsible polyamory and kinkdom, the other an advocate for equal rights, respect and access to sexual pleasure for people of size. The place was full and it was a great collection of people from many different communities, a lively Q&A, and a nice start to the night.

I chatted with Panther and others who will be assisting with the piercing ritual planned for Sunday nite. Hell yes, I'm anxious!

Pulling into Blockbuster I heard the last pitch as the Mariners lost to Oakland, but when I got inside I went into New Release Nirvana. "American Beauty"... "Mystery Alaska"... "Dogma"... and "Bring Out The Dead". I couldn't help myself... I rented them all.

I decided a VHS overwhelm like that deserved a decent meal, so I hit Safeway and had at it.

Mashed potatoes boiled in chicken broth [the canned kind of broth, with cooked garlic flavoring added; sliced up spuds with the peels left on; 20% of the potato mix was sweet onion]. Mashed with enough butter to scare my cardiologist.

Chicken thighs. Slashed them and poured a bit of Vietnamese fish sauce in the slit. Covered them with Worcester sauce, sprinkled with garlic powder. Put them in the broiler and covered each with a thick puddle of honey-mustard sauce. Yumyum. Crispy yum.

Asparagus is cheap right now. Broke them into 3" chunks, put them in a colander overtop of the the steaming chicken broth the spuds are softening up in. The asparagus steamed up nice and picked up some flavor from the broth. Melted butter over it while it was still hot.

While all that was percolating I threw some more chicken broth into a boil, dropped some sliced water chestnuts in, dribble/stirred some whipped egg in, topped it off with thin sliced green onions, and enjoyed a couple bowls of home-made egg drop soup while I was waiting.

The above all turned out wonderful, and is presented here as an answer to those folks who automatically tell all the guys, "Hey - it's time for the office potluck... you wanna bring the Styrofoam cups and potato chips?" [My last potluck at work I took chunks of home cooked corned beef with stone ground mustard and horseradish. It worked.]

On with the videofest.

Life is quite good.

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