May 8th, 2000

Well, I guess you could call it simple stupidity. Volitional sleep deprivation, you know.

My usual schedule is nocturnal; most of the rest of the world isn't. Occasionally making adult choices means paying for them.

Let me go back a ways. Thursday night Omaha and I tried to go to the movies. Tried means that we were going to go to see 'Gladiator' Sunday but that was her husband's birthday, and when we decided to try Thursday instead we forgot that it wasn't opening until Friday. So, we had a terrible Chinese MSGfest at the mall food court, and then at the theater we saw the marquee and had to reorganize. We picked up a couple of videos ['Mystery Men' and 'Galaxy Quest'] and headed back to spend the evening on the couch boobtubing.

After I got home, midnight or so, I puttered around the computer most of the night, and was then up off and on most of the day Friday again. Friday night I was back down to that same darn mall for Panther's birthday dinner. I'd bought a "Some Days It Isn't Worth It To Chew Through The Leather Straps In The Morning" tshirt the night before, so took Panther to the same shop and let her pick out a new tshirt. She went for the "Can't Sleep - Clowns Will Eat Me..........". And again I was up all night, puttering about trying to write reviews.

Saturday morning Hazel, bless her heart, was here cleaning the house and trying to cheer me up telling me all about her latest family soap opera, and love her as I do, I was still sitting there wanting to pull the pillow back over my head. Up and at 'em, though, early afternoon and picked up my car from the buddy who put the new transmission in. Number One Son stopped by and helped me to deglitch my email hookup with my new cable modem. I fed him dinner and then headed on down to the Wet Spot for the evening.

I spent a few minutes introducing Number One Son around to a bunch of friends who hadn't met him previously, and loved hearing the " didn't tell me your son was a cutie!..." comment a few times. He has already met Jane and Jim and Georgette and a few others - some years ago I took him to a Kinky Couples party for his 19th or 20th birthday present. Lately he has been monogamous and fairly vanilla - don't ask __me__ why! - but is recently single again and it was really fun to watch him suck up all the attention he was getting. It's beyond me to conceive that others would feel that my son is eye candy, but I'm the one who used to change his diapers. Go figure. Anyhow, he schmoozed for a couple minutes then headed on off to catch his bus and I got down to business.

Kevin had a last minute work schedule change so we had to once again postpone his mummification. First thing I did was give Panther her birthday swats. The first thirty-some were fine but I got cute. Too cute. For my last swat I lay down on my back and scooted my head up in between her legs as she was standing at the X-frame, and swung the nerf bat straight up and caught her right on her clit-hood ring. I guess I got her good cuz it apparently knocked her off her legs, and she landed sitting on my head. Hard. Knocked the nerf bat out of my hand and stunned me. Thank the Goddess I have a sense of humor - the entire dungeon erupted in laughter and it was a Kodak moment. I am soooo glad it was her last swat.

A young man of my acquaintance had emailed me the night before asking if I would be a surprise birthday present for his beautiful young wife. I allowed my arm to be twisted and we had a very pleasant session, flogging, bullwhipping, breast bondage, clips and abrasion. Oh my. I did my very best to make the welts bilaterally symmetrical.

That led me up til midnight, and I was DMing from 12 til close at 3am. We cleaned up and closed up to the Rocky Horror soundtrack and I headed on home again.

Here's where that stupidity I mentioned at the top of the page came in. I worked/surfed until morning, and then kept myself up until time for a monthly brunch at 1030am that I've missed the past couple months. That was nice, saw some friends I'd missed for a while, and then I had to head down to SeaTac for a planning session walk through for LIL [], which is coming up in July. I ended up getting home about 7pm - up since 1pm the day before - and hit the sack. Alarm set for midnight, to get back on my own schedule.

It doesn't make it any easier that this morning I have to go in to an extra staff meeting from 8-10 this morning before I get to bed.

Simple stupidity. Volitional sleep deprivation. I need to get the rest of the world working my schedule.

Life is good. Full, tired, and good.

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