March 26th

Again with the posting hiatus. Sorry 'bout that. Life has been good. The simple problem has been difficulty in my FTP program [along with a little bit of sloth]. In the early days of my journal I emailed draft entries to Jane, who then posted them. When I was together with Nia she showed me how to do it myself and set me up with a program to do it, but I had a glitch a month or so ago in my FTP program functioning and I let things go for a while, and I just got past it recently. A friend yesterday gave me strong... strong ... encouragement to start posting again, as Ealain has for some time, so here I am.

I can't, of course, really give a catch-up adequate of the past couple of months of lost postings. Spring training has gone well for the Mariners, Ealain and I are celebrating our first year anniversary together, the cat keeps trying to shake hands with the fish and I'm certainly still feeling my sluthood. That sluthood may be morphing a tad bit - being in a healthy long term poly relationship is a bit different from being a hungry single person - and I'll probably discuss some of that soon as well. The Wet Spot keeps thriving, the ever wonderful Charles Gatewood was recently in town, I got to help Ealain recently with the documentary she is filming on the Queen Bees, and in general life has just continued to be full and thriving and ever so good. I'll comment in time on different this-n-that's that have happened as I move on in future entries discussing what is then happening. Much fun is coming. SEAF is looming. Opening day is in a few weeks. Ealain and I are planning a blood ritual shortly to commemmorate our first year together. which is both fun and serious.

In addition to fun, there are a lot of serious issues to address. One in particular on my mind is updating an Advance Directive and posting it publicly here for all to witness. I'm certain I don't have to explain to the Blue Blazer Irregulars around here how that has come to the top of the issue heap. Others at random that have struck me range from the stranglehold that the Religious Right's agenda has over school textbooks to the incredible left/right alliance that is coming together to fight off the renewal of the so-called Patriot Act [the ACLU and the American Conservative Union joining together?].

So, anyhow, I'm back - again - and appreciate those of you who are still willing to read my stuff after I hide away periodically. Don't forget to dedicate the energy raised by at least one orgasm a week to bringing peace and safe return to our American soldiers sent into harm's way by Bush, and feel free to tell your friends and lovers about my Orgasms For Peace effort. My good friend Doogie just arrived for a year as a Marine in the middle of Iraq, and I know that he's enough of a prevert to thoroughly enjoy any random orgasm energy sent his way.

Keep it good, friends.

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