March 30th

What a bloody whirlwind!

I'm sure y'all have friends like that - they sweep into the room, which had been comfortably quiet, and instantly the room is wonderfully chaotic. That's what happened to me this weekend. I had made arrangements with friends I had met through Katt and Wolfe at Erotimania to buy their physician's examining table. The girls are Aya, who is often seen in pictorials in Erotimania [who who is the brunette in the three photos I published here], and her equally beautiful partner who is too shy and bashful to be identified here [definitely y'all's loss - she's adorable]. Aya and her partner are taking off shortly on a great adventure, to help start a cooperative farm waythehellandgone 8 hours into rural Canada from Vancouver. Along with lightening their load of schtupf they could use a couple of bucks to buy tractors and barns and such, so I offered to buy the exam table that I used in that 8/5/02 entry. I've long wanted such a table, stirrups and all, and this is the first home I've had in years where I could fit it into the house.

We've exchanged a lot of email - dimensions of the table, expenses, tips about customs - and settled on a price and a schedule. I have no truck and they do, so I offered dinner & gas money if they could bring it down from Vancouver. Once we settled on March 29th I began to panic, since so little of my unpacking was done. Until a week or so ago my potential playroom was asshole to elbow boxes head high. That's when Hazel came to my rescue, just as she has for over 3 years now. We had our three year anniversary as Slut Needing Help and Hazel Cleaning & Arranging Slut's House just recently. She came in one day special just to work on helping with unpacking and cleared out a quarter of the potential playroom large enough for the table to fit into. She did her usual magic - finding things I need and getting them hung up and put away and just generally keeping my head above water.

The girls arrived mid day Saturday without a problem having apparently done their magic with a smile at the customs agents at the border. "Right this way, ladies, please have a nice day."

I had a couple of friends come by to help with the heavy stuff and the table fits just perfectly in the basement now. I'll be looking to get the rest of the space cleared out of boxes with labels like "high school mementoes", "memories of Mother", and "back-up office supplies", so I can finish my vision of a play space where many happy endorphins will dance.

The two-girl whirlwind? Incredible. They are very much in love, very much alike, very much different, finish each other's sentences, have their lives so much in synch that you would swear that they are identical twins who have lived together all their lives. They bring so much energy to a cup of coffee, let alone a conversation or an evening out that you are just left out of breath and glad to have been along on the ride. Their farm will never need worry about losing power.

We went on down to the Wet Spot for the Vendor Fair and all spent too much money on toys from various community vendors. Dinner at the Sunlight Cafe, Seattle's oldest vegetarian restaurant followed [the girls are herbivores] and back to the Spot to let them enjoy one of the Saturday evening S&M parties. We schmoozed a lot, they were magnets for everyone there who wanted to be close to beautiful women, and towards the end of the night I got to poke a few needles in an old friend. We crashed hard when we got home and this morning headed back over to the Sunlight for brunch. Once they were on the road home this afternoon Littleone and I looked at each other and realized that the house would be very very very quiet now.

Life is quite good. A tad bit still around the house this evening, but quite good.

See ya again soon - and don't forget the Orgasms For Peace movement... lend a hand!

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