March 7th

I found a Jesus Freak to admire today!

I was grumbling over morning email, only had time and energy for a nuked cup of water with a generic coffee singles bag in it. Hadn't gotten dressed yet and y'all know my derision of people who actually put on clothes to get into bed. There's a knock on the door - something I wasn't used to at my old place, where you could not see my entrance from either the street or the alley behind. In four and a half years there I never had a pedler or Witness knock. Now I'm on a main drag, so the adventure begins again.

I don't have a peek-eye in the door so called through the door to ask who was there. A female voice says that they have pamphlets about Jesus.

I opened the door and stepped into the doorway, naked as the day I was born and a bad case of bed head. I found a cute well built early-20's brunette of a Jesus Freak standing there. Looked kinda like Monica Lewinsky except she was cute. She didn't blink, she didn't gulp, she didn't quaver and she definitely didn't look down. She just smiled and gave me her patter about wanting to work for peace by learning about Jesus. I told her I agreed on her goal of peace, but had different means. We both smiled and she left as I closed the door.

Pretty ballsy chick, judging from my past experience with much more timid folks of her avocation. Next time she comes by I'm gonna invite her in to discuss comparative religion. Who knows what good might come of it?


Today is Catsy's 29th birthday. He IM'd me on my cell phone [yet another way to use up my minutes, no doubt] with his flight information. He's on his way to Florida for the weekend to see a friend.

Happy Birthday, Son! Have a ball down there, don't forget to use your raincoat, and I wasn't kidding about bringing me back a black t-shirt! We'll work out a birthday dinner sometime after you get back and de-jet-lagged.


I was so cranky last night. Got my paycheck, and knew there was a minimal margin left in my checking account. Got to the bank 10 minutes before 6pm and they were already closed. I fumed and steamed and it wasn't until this morning driving to work I realized that last night was Thursday, not Friday. Friday is the only day they're open after 5pm. I offered no complaints when I got to the bank this morning, and only hoped they couldn't read my mind about how embarrassed I was.

On the good side, it is very very good to have a solid deposit of a pay check, after a couple months of periodically hitting bottom. I haven't enjoyed this broke stuff.


Bumper sticker seen yesterday: "Democracy? It was getting old anyway."

DVD last night: Wasabi, with one of my favorites - Jean Reno - and the very irrepressible Ryoko Hirosue. Fun.

DVD tonight: The Cockettes, and goodness but it made me so wistful for our innocence, we naive souls in the late '60's in San Francisco.

On the whole? Life continues to be quite good on the local level, the good vastly overwhelming the bad. Don't forget now - orgasms for peace. Lend a hand!

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