March 3rd

Moving is done; unpacking is about 5% done. I've found the saucepans and remote controls, but I still can't find part of the wiring for my PDA. Argh.

It's been crazy lately.

My work has been going better than ever. I'm doing a damn good job as a skilled medical professional and being told as much by my boss and professional mentor. I'm learning more every day I work and am in a work environment where I'm not only encouraged to learn everything I want to but also given opportunities to use the information. A doctor who will tell his nurse, "Hey - you want to go to Grand Rounds with me at the University tonight - they have an interesting case to present" ... that's a doc to work for.

I've been having a very active social life. GirlShawn and I had an incredible evening a week or so ago, connecting personally and sensually at yet a wonderfully higher level than before. It's very, very rewarding to be able to share happy moist meaty membrane touch with her. Sweet. We're going to have to schedule much more time together.

I also recently had a nice dinner with a young lady, unnamed at the present, who has hopes of someday becoming a pro domme. She would like me to share some of the things I've picked up over the years. It will mean both tutoring her in some techniques on a stunt bottom, doing some of the things to her [how can you give a good flogging until you've had a good flogging?] and along the line hopefully telling her about every single thing I've ever fucked up at in hopes the lessons learned will be remembered. Should be fun for both of us.

This past Friday I went to the Wet Spot's Erotic City party with a young lady I last dated about 4-5 years ago [she unfortunately fell into the clutches of monogamy for a while]. She asked me to call her Robin here, and so I shall. She helped along with several other women in putting hands on while I rode the Sybian. I wanted to have an excessive level of stimulation. DeVil had ordered an larger attachment for her Sybian - this one looked about 1 1/2" in diameter and about 6" long or so. It took a moment to "slip over the doorstep" but once it was in it was fine - nicely filling. I had a fun time riding up the incline, until I asked CB if there was any more he could turn it up and he said, "No". I took matters into my own hands and pumped up some breathing exercises as I was taught at the Body Electric. I remember starting to breath heavy and hold my breath --- and then I found myself waking up laying across CB's shoulder, vision blurry, strangers standing about, mumbling "where am I?" I didn't know who I was, where I was, and hardly noticed that there was something bumping the body I was in - the Sybian, still inserted and going strong. It was very overwhelming. After a few minutes people picked me up and put me in a chair. I remember being handed four cups of water in succession and chugging each as the next was being handed to me. I finally staggered over to the shower to clean up... and continued with weak wobbly legs for about an hour. After a bit of recovery I put Robin in a sling and pulled up a stool in between her legs. Add two gloves, copious lube, and a woman very willing to be pleased and around an hour later I degloved, realizing that my upper body strength was shot for the night. Between wobbly legs and limp noodle arms, I don't really know how I got home.

Next week I'm going to a party in Vancouver with some good friends, and a few weeks later some of them are coming down here to visit the Wet Spot. I'm getting an OB/GYN table, stirrups and all, from them for my play room at the my new house. All of these things are good.

But none of that is what I came to talk about.

Why is it that despite personal and professional highs as I've described above, that the world still seems to suck. There is a pervading sense of doom and gloom everywhere. Over on 3WA they're doing 'group therapy', and dozens of members are chiming in with how shitty February has been.

Me? I blame George Bush for it. He is a mental midget, surrounded by very entrenched and powerful people who think only of either personal profit or personal power. They've turned him into a bully, pushing every other kid around the schoolyard and this school has no playground monitor. The kids don't have rubber band guns and spit wads - they have vast armies, weapons of mass destruction, and people everywhere who already don't like us much. He's pushing these other kids around as if he - and we - are invulnerable. The blind fool doesn't seem to recognize that the only power he has right now is because of how vulnerable we were shown to be a couple years ago.

Orange. Red. Threat notices announced when it is helpful to shift the momentum of his war compulsion. Civil rights eroding - no, boldly stolen! - daily.

And worldwide, there is a overcast of gray.

In retrospect, I think that these days right now will be thought of as the days where George Bush turned the whole world into Damocles. There is a sense of impending doom, being felt everywhere. I have good friends in Canada, our nearest neighbor, hesitant about visiting me because of fears of Bush's war. I talk with friends in Australia, England, Norway, and elsewhere and they all feel a variation of this.

How did we allow this to happen? Why can't we stop the puppeteers who are herding the lemmings? When did the world get so crazy?

I can't stop the insanity. No one can halt a tsunami. I can grasp small bits of it, however. I can do what I can. I can talk with people. I can write. I can make my life a living monument to the fact that people as far outside the Ashcroft/Bush/Cheney mold can have healthy, happy, full and productive lives. Every orgasm is a positive bit of energy released into the world. Every energy exchange with a lover is a release of good energy into the world. And every time in the face of the winds of war and destruction I again affirm that Life Is Good - and live my life to that goal - the wraiths will be that much weaker. Join in with me, please? Grab some Life Is Good moments this week, and encourage someone else to as well.

I'd like to be able to return to the more mundane concerns, like recharging my PDA to keep track of my social life.

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