March 31st

Saturday earlier in the day I didn't have any real plans for the evening, and thought I might just saddle up the Mean Green Machine and haul it over to the party at Sol's house. His parties are always fun and a pleasant alternative to what I'm used to at the Spot. I'd even started telling Kev and Ruby and a couple of other friends I'd be there, but then I heard from Tasha. She's a lovely lady I've not played with previously, but we'd been discussing getting together for a bit of something. She is a good top, and has boys and girls she enjoys topping, but she had asked me recently if I would top her. In particular, if I could give her a good lively session of breast torture. We chatted Saturday afternoon and decided to go ahead and do our scene last night.

I had to scramble around and gather together toys from all kinds of different toy bags and drawers and stuff, but right about on time I loaded everything in the car and headed out. I stopped by Chen's Village for a leisurely pre-play dinner [a serving bowl sized egg flower soup and a sizzling platter of bay scallops and beef with oyster sauce]. Hauling the stuff out of the car into the Spot just about killed me - why is it that the older I get the more burdensome the toy bags get? Here I had two smaller sized suitcases and one extra large wheeled suitcase.

We started setting up at one of the A-frame racks and good lawsie but I pulled toys out forever, power strips and kitchen tools and even the old garden weasel! She is a very lovely lady who was gifted by the Goddess with a wonderfully abundant and inviting set of breasts, and those were exactly where she had invited me to give my attentions. I started with half a dozen asparagus rubber bands around the base of each breast, then hooked up my medical suction machine over her nipples.. The suction machine at one time was used at bedside in a hospital, but I've hooked up a long tube to it that bifurcates [a garden hose's Y-split] to two hoses that end in kitchen funnels. The funnels make a better seal with a bit of vaseline around their edge, so I decided using Vicks would be better still. I left 'em in position for 15 minutes or so [doing miscellaneous abrasive things over the sternum and around the suction cups], and then after the nippies were nicely sensitized I constructed nipple clamps from chopsticks and rubber bands. Those things are really damn unforgiving, and you can always just put another turn to the rubber band if it seems too gentle. I used the single tail to tantalize the chopsticks a bit & left a few welts, and mixed in sensations ranging from the drag of a knife point to a 3M scouring pad to a stiff brush to the soft pad of a finger. When I snatched the chopsticks off they did have the teensiest delicate kisses of crimson on them.

After wringing much sensation from her lovelies I set up the Mean Green Machine. The darn thing was acting up after working so well just a few days ago. I never know when these things are going to happen. The EKG patches didn't really work well on her, but I took the two probes I have [one designed for anal and one for vaginal] and used them as pointers, holding the tips on opposite thighs with one hand and moving the defib paddle around to various places with my other hand. It was kinda funny, going from "nope, can't feel a thing" to "ARGH!!!!", when I was just trying to find the middle ground. It was fun, and I know she saw the potential for the toy, but we were both wearing down so we just eased on off after a while.

We were both depleted. I was saturated in sweat and she was bruised purple and red and welted. And it only takes a couple of paragraphs to describe it here but it was over two hours on the rack, and clean up took another 30 minutes. It was a good night, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Tasha better. I do really hope we're able to continue to find reasons to have fun together.

********** **********
DragonLady and I had had some tentative plans for Sunday afternoon, but she had an automobile accident a few days ago and was hurting pretty bad in her back. A couple of days ago when she told me of the accident I made the offer of a visit to Tubs for some hot bubbles as an alternative to our prior plans. Sunday morn I was woken by a call from her saying that Tubs sounded pretty doggone good, so we met there at noon for a wonderful way to start the day. Soaking in hot water, sitting in the sauna, throwing out all the gossip we knew about all of our mutual friends [only the good stuff, guys] and catching up on our respective loves and losses lately.

I decided to make lunch at home instead of out, and pulled in just as the first pitch of the M's last exhibition game. I found the game on TV [living room] and radio [kitchen], and settled in to enjoy a great game. Munched on a bunch of chunks of that corned beef I dipped in a sweet mustard. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

And then it was evening. I really really really wanted to curl into a fetal position with a good book and just be a vegetable early on, but DragonLady had told me of what she had planned for the Bondage party and I headed on in for a couple hours. Jay Wiseman was there playing with rope, after giving a presentation on bondage earlier in the evening. There was a full house of people there, doing fancy suspension bondage hanging from the ceiling and just sitting cross legged taking turns tying each other up. One gentleman with a half dozen albums of his bondage photographs laid out on the table, and a particularly rhythmic young lady spending an hour or so writhing her way out of the bondage she'd been placed in. A pleasant evening. The highlight for me was when DragonLady arrived, with Trinity and her husband. Trinity was beautiful in all black, with black hose and heels, and DL was in a flowing red Vietnamese pant suit. Trinity's hubby is just as cute as she is, and was in head to toe black also, much of it shiny. I kicked back in a chair while he lay back on the floor, and we both enjoyed watching as DL took Trinity up in a ballet of rope and body. Very very nice, in essence and in presentation.

********** **********
And so the weekend ended. A nice mix of life, in all of it's variety. And yup, it's good.

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