March 29th

Just a hodge podge of a few things today. No rhyme or reason to it. Bear with me as I do a core dump.


OK, I admit it. I'm a sucker for some of those schmaltzie movies that just unashamedly reach out and wring the tears of joy and pride and love and other seemly emotions right out of you. Example - I'm sitting here at the keyboard with tears rolling down my cheeks, having just watched the Jamaican Bobsled Team carry their broken sled across the finish line in Cool Running. I do the same thing every damn time I see the father's eyes, as that last instant of film goes leaping across the screen in Billy Elliot. In that little parental moment in Priscilla: Queen of the Desert where Tick discovers that his son knows that Tick is gay and the son's only comment is that he hopes his dad has a boyfriend? Or in The Cowboys, where the kids rise up to take down Bruce Dern because he killed Duke. Even Leavin' On A Jet Plane in Armageddon, a guilty pleasure. "He was a soldier of Rome... who will help me carry him." And the sight of DeNiro's face, as Leonard Lowe begins to return in Awakenings- that movie rips me apart deep inside. There ya go folks, my Achilles heel... now you know where my soft spot is. Be gentle with me....


Y'all notice a bit more spam recently? Do you have a Yahoo account of some sort? Here's a quote that is going around some of the groups now, tending to righteously piss off some folks. I don't know who wrote it, but I've found it to be true myself.

A friend of mine who moderates a group found out Yahoo did a sneaky change to everyone's Marketing Preferences, the result of which will be loads of spam.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Go to My Groups.

2. Click Account Info.
3. Verify your password (if it asks). Your Yahoo ID card comes up.
4. Click Edit your Marketing Preferences.
5. Change all those Yes's back to to No's
6. Click Save Changes.

Now, I've been told that this was a problem when Yahoo switched to new servers, but it seems a fairly self-serving 'problem' to me. If you'll take a look into your preferences you'll find that your city, state, and zip code [U.S.] are automatically reinstated if you erase them. The fields are mandatory. Some of the folks I've heard are simply changing theirs to:

Manager, Investor Relations
Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
(408) 349-3300

...not that I'd endorse anyone doing such a thing, of course.

I met an old friend for dinner tonight. I've spoken of her before, the author Madelyn Arnold. We've been friends, starting online on the old 28 Barbary Lane BBS, since 1989. In addition to being an award winning novelist, she has been associated with the Seattle Gay News since 1975 and still has a regular column there. Lately I've seen her too rarely, every 6 months or so, and generally like this evening. She is largely homebound, so I'm always the driver. She's a life long vegetarian, and I've taken her to my favorite, the Sunlight Cafe before. Tonight I told her to decide and she guided me to Cafe Flora, a new one for me. It was a fine meal, and wonderful company. She and I share an ex in common, and naturally our conversation revisited that time. We both acknowledged the unfortunate tendency everyone has to offer a revisionist history towards our ex's. In this case it was interesting that her remembrance and my remembrance of our time as a triad coincide closely, without too much prettying up. We didn't dwell on those times unnecessarily, however, instead ranging from our common experiences in the medical fields, to her childhood hunting and gathering for the family table, to comparing our health in our middle ages. I could talk with that lady for hours. Just as I pulled up in front of her apartment to drop her off, a person walking down the sidewalk slowed down with a smile on her face - it was Madelyn's current girlfriend. Leaving her in good hands, I came on home to finish watching Braveheart and this journal entry.

I heard from Vamp the other day, my smutsister who also has an independent journal. She mentioned the wide swathe of diarists who are moving to LiveJournal, and encouraged me to "Fight the urge to go to the DarkSide... long live HTML... no LiveJournal no LiveJournal no LiveJournal...". Hehehehehehe. Since I'm just barely learning how to code my own journal anyhow, and have no interest in learning whatever new I'd have to learn to move to BorgJournal, it's pretty easy for me to stay on this side of the Force.

Oh, will you knock it off?! Gads, a simple joke and now all my friends who have LiveJournal are going to put me in their killfile or some such thing. Humor, people! It's a joke!

It's a damn good thing I don't have "(comment on this)" at the bottom of each of my entries.... please insert as many smilies as needed into this commentary.

And we're down to it. The time we've all been waiting for. My pocket will be fuller because I'll be renting and buying many fewer DVDs. Monday is the Opening Day of the Mariners 2002 season. And that, my friends, means that life is definitely good for this fan. Get used to it - I'll be talking about it a bit until the fall.

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