March 25th

Now I know fully well, with over 20 years as a medical professional behind me, that it is an ironclad rule of Hippocrates that if you get a cold it takes about 7 days to get over it, and if you use medicine to help you fight the cold it takes around a week to get over it. When I found signs [and if I were so impolite as to describe those signs, some of the words would have to describe their greenish color and viscosity, so I will not do so]... when I found them uglies coming forth I opted for talking my way into Group Health without an appointment and told the nurse what to tell the covering doctor I wanted. She gave up half her lunch hour to help me, professional courtesy, but when I got to the pharmacy --- I felt like I was low on the list for access to a VA hospital. My number finally came up and I got my Bactrim DS... and then had to sit down again for another 30 minutes or so because I was just so boneweary I needed to rest before walking to the car. Other than the explosive cough - like my lungs have exploding razor blades inside them, but then my rib cage takes all the explosion as it contains it from going any further, and all I see are stars until my chest lets me breath again - my weakness has been the primary symptom.

It has been good, though, to see what friends do when you're sick. Heather out in the freezing midwest held my hand and consoled me over ICQ. I've had several phonoe calls from Doxy, with news of how nice and warm things are along her southern view of the nation, and long ICQ chats with her as well. There were also growing and fascinating ICQ's with Linda down in California also. She had just had to postpone her trip up here to see Seattle to see Jane and Jim, so we shared our misery. Hanne back in Maryland made a stunning chicken soup which her family was kind enough to eat in my honor [it would have gotten cold traveling the 3000 miles I suppose]. Wolfe sent his supportive thoughts, and Panther and Vamp and Bri over in England and Lisa back in NY. Kevin and I had a nice long phone chat whis weekend. Seems like a number of them have had the same crud or have it still, and the rest are dreading it coming at 'em.

What's a shame is that other than Kevin and Panther, who lives on the far end of town, none of these folks live close enough to do dinner with, or for me to drop off a quart of my soup when they're sick, or to get together and share DVDs. Vamp, Jane, and Jim are each an hour or so away, and the rest I mentioned are scattered over three nations. I'm unrelenting in my campaign for All Neato People to move to Seattle, but so far the results have been minimal.

Saturday I took Catsy to a birthday lunch at the OK Corral BBQ, and gave him a surprise as well as an anime inspired shirt. My dad had flown up from his Phoenix wintering place for some family business and it was actually Dad and I who took the boy to lunch. Dad had met Otis before, but it was the boy's first time and did he ever chow down! A very full belly plus two grocery bags of left overs. The way you do it with Otis there is tell him kinda what you want [ribs, fish, chicken or hot links, or even one platter full of all of 'em] and he brings lots of it. He didn't even ask us this time. He just told the guy in the back to dish us up large basins of greens and beans'n'rice, and a platter of catfish as well as a platter of pork ribs, and a few chunks of cornbread and a pitcher of something orange. Otis came back and it turns out that he had opened up a Mexican restaurant in the other half of the same building and he presented Cats a platter full of a beautiful burrito and extras [for the birthday boy]. At the end of this meal he told me the meals were all ten bucks each and he was going to give $5 to the mexican place for the burrito. I handed him $45 and he didn't count it. He always gives me more food than I expect and I always give him more money than he expects. That place is such a wonderful find. After lunch, I told Catsy that I needed some geek help at home, and sure enough Dad decided it was time to head on back up to Bellingham. I love him, but I didn't think he'd want to go to the Wet Spot Vendor Faire with us. It was fun there, introducing Catsy around to the folks he hadn't met before, and reintroducing him several times cuz my brain was very much hypoxic from the damn head and chest cold. I saw Ruby, Marian and her cute hubby [whose name I always screw up, dammit] and a ton of other old friends. One young lady, unnamed as of yet here, and I saw a little prelim on the wonderful play we've been talking about. I was bad, but the corset held 'em up to here, dammit!! I saw many vendors I'll look to do business with. I did buy myself a pair of padded forceps from Sufferware and bought Cats and Thea a wonderful framed set of photos based on a nude holding a sword from QToys. It was nice to be able to smile at the model as I was plunking my money. [QToys' site is under construction, by the way]

*** On a personal note, to those friends and locals who read this and are so inclined, I've been trying to get Catsy, my adult son, and Thea, his primary partner, to join the Wet Spot. Their problem is that they live on the east side, within a block of Crossroads mall, and are bus-bound. Catching the right combination of busses to and from the Wet Spot late on a Saturday evening just doesn't work. If anyone thinks they'd be willing to chat with the kids about helping with an occasional ride, please drop me a note, or approach me if you spot me? I would appreciate it. And no, I can not promise you a chance at his skinny little bootay - he negotiates for himself just fine, thank you. ***

Saturday evening was sorta/exhausting/fun. Once I drove my #1 Son back to far off Bellevue and fought traffic back home, and with mandatory catching up on email and ICQ and stuff, I was only able to end up with about an hour nap before I had to be at the Wet Spot for an 1130pm-230am DM shift. I had a newly trained DM shadowing me for her first time actually on the floor and she was quite level headed, respectful, and cautious - but not afraid to do something if it was needed. A perfect personality to be a good DM and I'm sure she will be. The main dungeon floor was so busy you had to cut a swathe through the energy with a machete. We just worked non stop rearranging furniture for maximum use and remembering who wanted that spanking bench next. At the same time we had to keep an eye on some of the folks visiting who were doing edge play, and whom we hadn't observed before. [rant] I suppose I'm probably similar - and I'll remember this as a lesson - but I don't care how experienced you are, please stay on the garden path and don't feed the animals. Some folks not only disagreed with my enforcing local rules [i.e., safety measures primarily] but gave me comments in a voice and manner that just friggin patronized me with how experienced they were and how they taught this type of play and for that matter, quite proudly, had taught DMs elsewhere. I dunno, I've only been doing this for Georgette for 12 years now, and when I travel I try to be nice to the DMs and follow local rules. You know - avoid being a barbarian, ala "CAESAR (recovering his self-possession): Pardon him Theodotus: he is a barbarian, and thinks that the customs of his tribe and island are the laws of nature. " [Caesar and Cleopatra, Act II -- George Bernard Shaw]. [/rant]

And so, life goes on. This evening KSlave is stopping by again to see if there are any new surprises from the Mean Green Machine, and my mission - should I decide to accept it - is to ensure that she enjoys her evening. With that, I'm off to enjoy the goodness of life.


OooooooooooKay. KSlave just left and we had quite the evening. I had delivery from a new local Chinese place I like, the Dragon King, just prior to her arrival and we dug into the egg flower soup, mongolian beef, general tao's chicken, and crab rangoon. We caught up a bit, and she gave me the url to her new journal. Sheesh - seems like half the people I know are doing a live journal now.

We've done a goodly bit of electrical play before, but neither of us had in a while, so it was sort of half new tricks and half old tricks. Into the sling, I hooked her up to my suction machine, one cup over each breast. Didn't seem like much suction, she said, so I left it on about 20 minutes or so and then brought out the heated traveling curling iron with it's hottish spikes, and damned if the nippies hadn't gotten a lot more sensitive than she thought with that 'light' suction. I got a nice fancy clothes pin zipper at a silent auction up in Canada a few weeks ago so the heightened sensitivity nipples seemed like a good place to try it out. A couple of times. Hehehehehe.

The Mean Green Machine then got hooked up and I attached a variety of electrodes. An EKG patch on the inside of each thigh, wires attached to a 5" circular aluminum furnace filter and placed under the base of her spine, a clip on the large stainless ring she threaded through the holes in both inner labia lips, a 10" anal probe, a 10" vaginal probe, some 4" linear electrode strips for the femoral crease right outside the outer labia, a well lubed aluminum cigar tube and a 3x4" defibrilator paddle. Not all of them at the same time of course, only about 4-6 points of contact at any one time. I varied the combinations, locations, and as well as the pulse pattern and intensity. She hit over the top a few times, and after quite a while I started adding fingers. The vaginal probe I was using has a curve to it, designed to find the g-spot, but with well lubed hands and cunt, it's hard to keep it aimed the right way, so I inserted first one and then two fingers to keep it right up at the g-spot, or to even transmit through my fingers where they probed. We had success, marvelous success, and then I simply removed all electrical stuff and dived in. She took my football sized paws almost to the wrist, thumb excepted. Fast, hard, and deep. Gads, but it was great.

After much screaming and squishy fun, things settled down and we switched over to me lying on the bed and she just gave me pleasant sensation - about 30 minutes of her mouth and fingernails. Ah, so relaxing. Nice nice nice. We both ended the evening glowing, glad we'd met and looking forward to whatever our next adventure is. It isn't frequent, as she has a husband, a family, and a boyfriend, along with other fun partners, but we'll find some room. Again - it's all part of how to make life good.

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