March 20th

.So, can anyone guess which Jethro Tull song I've been channelling all day? That's right, boys and girls - Aqualung. That's why I'm home from my Other Job - it started with sniffles, then a raspy throat, then my head and when I cough now it feels like my lungs are being zapped by my ribs. All in 24 hours. First sniffle was going to bed Monday night, throat pain woke me up all night, and then through the day yesterday I felt ashamed to be using so many tissues in front of my patients. I told folks before I left that I'd call if I could make it in, but not to expect me today. I'm pushing chicken soup, generic sudafed, Fisherman's Friend cough drops instead.

What it does do is give me a chance to chat with friends all over the planet. Bri [in London, England] and I chatted about relationship woes still simmering, and our conflicting views of monogamy vs poly. Hanne turned into a Jewish mother, nagging nagging nagging and I'm certain will bitch slap me for picking such a tasteless but accurate piece of music to start this entry with. Wolfe up in Vancouver, B.C., and I have been conducting a yard sale over the ICQwaves, as he and Katt are moving shortly and have a chandelier that I just decided I must buy from 'em. The lovely Gypsy woman who has become an admired friend to me, and more than that for Jane & Jim, just found out she won't be able to visit this month after all. In the meantime we're getting in more of a chat via ICQ & AIM [via Trillian] than we would have over lunch here in Seattle, and we're downloading pictures of each other so we'll each have an "s/he is out of town so I'll do a slideshow" slideshow. And then there's Doxy, famous for her Diary of a Phone Slut site. She called last night [off the clock, mind you] and we must have chatted for well over an hour about every different thing in the world. It was good to hear her voice [we'd only known each other via ICQ and email before] and I'm looking forward to talking with her again. Last night I was flirting incessantly by email with Lisa from NY [get ICQ, girl!]. She's starting to pursue personal ads and trusted me with a couple of the really nice photos she is preparing to go out with notes with the few fellows she triages out of the morass of responses. She says she doesn't want long distance responses, but I figure I'm safe cuz we know neither of us will probably cross the 3000 miles and we both know we're just practicing. [She is, however, a stunning beauty well worthy of a good flirt!]

I have to tell you, when you're sick or hurting or healing or whatever, it's really a comfort to have friends who go out of their way to say hi, and be warm and comforting. Thanks to all of you, guys. Y'all make life good.

Me, I'm putting some more chicken soup on the stove and cranking up the DVD stack that I picked up on the way home from work yesterday [The Musketeer, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Training Day, as well as Anchors Aweigh, and Samurai I and III from Netflix [[still waiting for Samurai II so I can watch in sequence]].]

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