March 17th

...and, picking up right in the sorta flow of things, let's move on to Bridgett's visit. The weekend after I was in Vancouver and Victoria was the weekend for her to come up and visit from Portland.

To introduce her and the weekend, I'm going to borrow some of the prose from her own journal, where she says things so much more betterer than I could. I'll pick up after this introduction...

Off the bus, bags gathered, weapons back in hand [from Greyhound security], I turned around and saw him. He and I have known each other for almost 7 years... We met at Sparky and Jessica's birthday party in Seattle over the barbecue grill. ... he was the first man to ever have sex with me at a BDSM party, first man to ever fist me in public... and over the years came to be the first man to electrocute me (most specifically my chakra points), to run spinal tap needles through my breasts... to more than any of my other relationships take me into physical shock and back again, a yo yo of endorphins, adrenaline, lust, friendship, care.

He and I developed a a friendship that most folks in the vanilla world would look at oddly. Once a year dates, the sacredness of blood, confidence over one another's relationships while holding each other nude in a hot tub, candid commentary... and in 7 years no talk of "dating"- he is nearly 30 years my senior, and he has taught me so much about romance, vision, sacredness. I care for him very deeply. And for the first time it was set for just him and I for a weekend - and there he was.

Off onto the road we went, and before we'd even gotten to dinner, we'd already plunged into each other's relationship dramas, memories, and future desires.

I recounted tales of my tip to the Long Island Iced Tea Club and my perils of Polyamory, while he spoke of this trip to Canada, loved ones who moved on, how his son is doing, and his $50 baseball cap from Japan. Big smiles, full bellies, off to my weekend home.

He checked email, I petted the cat, we both took our assorted medication, and soon enough we were off to bed, lips to flesh to hair, strong arms embracing one another.

He does not sleep well with others. He sleeps well with me. And I don't mind snoring - I'm used to the Furry One. [note: her primary partner]

Though as a note, he keeps Peanut butter and Black licorice at his bedside. No, it's not a kinky thing, but being a big fan of neither of these products, I found it a bit... odd. But sleep was more important than pondering late-night dietary preferences, so we headed to dreamland together for the first time in 3 years

See what I mean? She's a sweet kid and I adore her, even though we only get together an average of every six months or so. Sorry to steal so many of your words, Bridgett, but you said it so well!

Mid day Saturday Dragon Girl stopped by to flirt some with Bridgett [and of course I envied the both of them]. After she took off Bridgett and I got down to our first trust exercise of the weekend. She's getting to be quite good at bondage. She's presenting on it at KinkFest this year, and shows respect for the art. I bottom about 1% of the time these days, and have never been up in suspension bondage. She had never suspended anyone weighing 260lbs, but she brought a lot of rope. We took my sling down off it's chains. While I meditated for about 15 minutes, laying naked on the futon doing my breathing exercises, she started that rope magic tied off of the four hardpoint rings in the ceiling. We were both concerned about it being done right, as I know I can't take a lot of chest or diaphragm constriction or compression. Years ago when Aubrey and a couple friends put me into a saran wrap mummification I finally had to come out because my ... abdominal pendulosity ... compressed my diaphragm after about 45 minutes. I told Bridg to just think of me as practice for suspending a pregnant girl. She took her time, working and reworking her knots, and finally slowly, carefully, and safely got my fat ass up in mid air. Legs spread and individually suspended, head supported, hands secured to each other, I was not only up but "Oh, please, Miss, I'm totally helpless - please oh please don't take advantage of me!!" ... and she DID, she DID! [In an ICQ chat I'd be inserting a very large smiley right about here]. At one point I asked her to please stop and get a digital shot showing proof, uncontestable proof, that I can indeed still get a woody. The poor girl ravaged me, pounded on my happy prostate and just about inhaled my little dillywhacker and gads but it was good. Being in mid air, unable to ever reach to jerk myself off, unable to do anything but be fucked.... damn. Hot. After some time the rope compression on my chest couldn't be ignored any longer and I had to ask to be lowered. She reversed herself, brought me down carefully again and once the rope was off I just kinda melted into the rug for a while. Such a wonderful and rewarding trust exercise.

On the way to the Wet Spot that evening we stopped at Sol's house. He was having one of his frequent house parties and you never know who or what you're going to see. He has a nice mix of many different worlds coming to his parties, but the basement dungeon is always open. Bridgett wore a beautiful sari she got, I believe, from Bombay. She was quite lovely. I had a chance to chat with Kevin for a good while, which was good. He's been taking care of family matters to the exclusion of just about the rest of the world and I was glad to see him out and playing and chatting and being his old self. Sol cornered Bridgett and I and introduced us to a fellow who wanted to be mummified and of course phrased it so ["These are the best two people for you to trust for your first time..."] and so we accommodated. I never can really argue with the boy, since he often introduces me to really nice folks I'd not have a chance to play with otherwise. The fellow this time enjoyed himself and when we left we were still pretty much on target for our plans at the Spot.

We both schmoozed for a while, as always - she and I both have the gene for it - and then moved on in to the Medical Room. I always seem to be in such a place, go figure. Our plans were similar to the prior week with Beverley - to do saline injections/inflation of her hood and inner labia. She did a nice rope harness on her own torso so she'd have something to hold onto and we got down to it. As with Beverley, this was an incredibly painful ordeal, and she was helped by Dragon Girl arriving about halfway through and holding her hand. I won't detail every needle poke or scream, but I was quite proud of her. It is a very intense experience and she had to continually reaffirm to herself and me both that she wanted to continue. I can't tell you how proud I am of how brave she was. She and I have some digital pictures of it before, halfway done, and all the way done, and even these snapshots are powerful in the dramatic presentation of this process. Prior to starting her inner labia looked lovely, like pink and brown lace poking out, and once we were done there was much more the appearance of ripe roma tomatoes on either side. I did use the tuning fork and some various sensory stimulation toys after we were done, but I frankly think that her entire collection of senses had shut off due to overload early on.

Once she had settled down a bit the girls decided to do a little something themselves. They went in the back [Dragon Lady's boyfriend and I trailing along as spotters and an admiring audience] and Bridgett slowly stripped DL and put her up in shoulder-high suspension herself. She was horizontal to the floor [as I had been] and slowly spinning just by the pendulum force on the ropes. It looked beautiful and serene, in a dark quiet room undisturbed by all the activity going on out on the main dungeon floor. Quite nice.

All too soon the weekend came sliding to a close, and mid day Sunday I returned Bridgett to the Greyhound station to wend her way back to Portland and I started to slowly decompress from the intensity of having a friend and lover as a house guest. I'm such a curmugeonly hermit most of the time, this was a wonderful time. We spent much of the time having sex or playing and bless her little heart she just kept on giving me hard-on after hard-on, without Viagra or skyhooks or anything else. It was so comforting and reaffirming for me, and the simple affection we have for each other just felt quite nice. I've heard from her and she's back home to her primary boyfriend and the extended family of poly mates she has, and we've both returned to our daily routines. I think we're both going to put this weekend up there as a top-ten on the Fond Memory list.

I've begun to see a lady I'll call Ruby here [She actually agonized over "what nym should I have if I merit mention in your journal" and came up with a list of suggestions meaningful to her. I like this one]. The night of Dr. Moser's talk at the Spot a couple weeks ago we went out to a late meal to start negotiation chats, and then this past week we had a really nice time at Tubs and Costas, one of my favorite ways to spend the evening. We have old friends in common, although we hadn't met til recently. Bumping uglies in the hot tub was fun and one of my favorite ways to get to know someone. Conversation so far has been comfortable as well, and now this most recent Saturday evening [the 16th] we were thinking of flogging or mummification and she settled on asking for a beaver shave. I brought a straight razor [which turned out to be worthless] and she brought the rest of her supplies and I trimmed her down to the skin except for a tiny straight landing strip up top. Once done with that we segued into the sex room in the back and had some mutual groping fun until suddenly my sore toucas screamed a safeword. Sometimes I can take an interstate bus in there and sometimes the tender tissue outside screams in pain. Saturday it was the latter, unfortunately. I'm comfortable that we'll have a bunch more chances to play however. She's a nice lady, and we're finding some comfortable common ground.

Today, now, just to bring this catch up all the way to the moment, I went over and saw my old buddy and former coworker Steve. Chatting today we realized that he got his nursing license 10 years ago and I'd been a friend and in touch on a bulletin board while he was in nursing school, so we've got a bit of mileage on us now. Back in '97 or so he and I and a bunch of other strange kinkoids and friends got together one day to be extras in a B-grade movie being filmed here in Seattle. It was a fun day, tiring day but interesting to watch the process. Steve called the other day to tell me that the flick, which we had all assumed had ended up on the cutting room floor, was actually out on video and DVD. I found it and ordered a copy yesterday from My Simon. Today, however, we used it as an excuse to get together and catch up. I went over to his place in West Seattle this afternoon, took popcorn, and we enjoyed watching his copy of it together, seeing ourselves On The Big Screen, and gossiping. He had the best line of the day when he pointed out Nicky Katt - at a low spot in his career, but in the same scene I was in - and since he's now starring on Boston Public on TV that means I have just one degree of separation from Jeri Ryan. I can hardly wait to work up another degree!

I've glossed over things, left out entire chunks of life, but here we are, right up to the day and ready to march onward. To those who have asked, life is still quite good. Now you know some more of the reasons why.

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