March 13th

Well, when last heard from, our intrepid slut was pretty well in the hands of cinemagenic PTSD, showing just how well the film makers of Blackhawk Down did their job. Not to worry. I had an overwhelmingly poor night's sleep, anxious and up and down every 20 minutes, and my coworkers gave me a safe cushion at work the next day. It was just a bad memory after one more good night's sleep.

That isn't why the hiatus. Hell, I've done it often enough and apologized for it often enough. Pick one of the old excuses. The truth is that in journaling, sometimes momentum or inertia either one follow Newton. His first law is An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. The forces to get me back in motion have been the dozens of people sending nice notes, inquiring about how I was, begging me for their slut-fix, and so forth. Here we go.

Many good things are happening. The New Other Job is going well. There are several new friends I'm negotiating with about play and sex and stuff and much sounds quite hopeful. There are several old friends I'm doing similar with, and it's all good. There have been several interesting trips or scenes or encounters lately, and at the risk of offending those I don't mention, I'm gonna hit just a few high points.

A couple weeks ago the Victoria Fetish Society had their first event and things seemed to go well. There are several groups of folks attempting to come together for their first big event, and I know my date and I certainly had fun. The weekend was beautiful, fooled us into thinking Spring had sprung. I drove up and joined Beverley in Vancouver and we caught the ferry over. Hotel, food, everything was embarrassingly in the favor of the US dollar - the most common exchange rate I saw was around .57 or so. A bill of sale for $100 Canadian cost me $57 US.

Beverley, as I've mentioned before, is a fairly intense masochistic bottom. Saline injections to inflate the inner labia and hood is, what a surprise, a fairly intense pain experience. We both knew this going in. The furniture we had to use was a wooden table with several blankets and sheets and stuff under a plastic tarp. I started her, as I often do, with a few needles in sensitive play piercing places. Even with that level of lightweight pain it was obvious that she would not be able to keep still and keep her hands from reaching into the area I'd be working in, so I took a pair of 21ga needles and hammered one through the middle finger webbing on each hand, down into the wooden table. It got her attention in a big time manner, and it did sort of convince her not to move around all that much.

After a few minutes the message was conveyed, and I pulled the hand needles out. Now, sometimes when you don't bring your own IV pole with you coping is required. This time I had a stack of the hotel chairs up about 4' high, and a big wooden coat hanger stuck through the top chair so the hook was sitting right where I needed the IV hung. Worked just fine. I hung up my 250cc bag of sterile saline, got out a 60cc syringe, tons of needles, and started to work.

The process involves several pokes, and occasionally repositioning the needle without withdrawing it, which is essentially more pokes inside without another poke outside. Nets out to still hurt. The saline also is not only 100% compatible with the human body, but also has enough salt in it to sting like a sonuvabitch. The event was continual screams, continual talking through, continual reassuring, continual screams - did I mention the screams? Eventually Beverley had both labia and her hood area all looking like large ripe tomatoes, and a few things like the tuning form and vibrator and other sensation toys came out just to check how things felt. Once I finally looked up I realized that there were around 100 people in the dungeon to start. Jane and Jim were playing next to us, and from the stares I saw it looked like about damned near 96 folks were watching the four of us. It wasn't that extreme, but I'm kinda glad I hadn't looked around much when I had the needles in my hand.

You would probably tell yourself that I had to carry her home that night. Remember when I mentioned her being a fairly high quality masochist? After a bit of settling down and going to change her evening gown [Beverley is best known as an elegant and classical beauty], Beverley set out on her next mission of the night, to be single tail whipped by Don Bastion, a beautiful Leatherman from Calgary known as one of the finest artists with that instrument. What a wonderful girl!

As we returned to Vancouver from Victoria that Sunday the weather continued to be just beautiful. We really could not have asked for a finer weekend for the trip. We parted ways, and I drove over to visit with the fine folks at Erotimania. Katt and her husband Wolfe have been friends for a while now. I'd met them briefly a year ago at a party in Vancouver, and then a while back Katt and her then girlfriend had crashed at Casa Throckmorton during a visit to explore the Wet Spot. We've mostly maintained the friendship via ICQ and email and stuff. Katt was away this weekend but I got to spend the time with Wolfe and his girlfriend Kitty. We played with the cats and dog and headed out to my favorite Chinese Restaurant in Vancouver and played with the dog and cats and the cats and dog and had a nice evening sitting around chatting. One of their cats has a hair fetish and loved to get up on the back of the couch I sat on and dig in my hair and lick it and bury her head in it - it all stayed on the legal side of things, but I felt like just having my hair lay back there was corrupting her. I was honored by being given the Porn Bed to sleep in, the bed that their cam is often on for the hot stuff they put on their site. I asked 'em to leave the old ... used... soiled... impregnated... sheets but doggone it I had to settle for fresh.There are times when smelling SpringTimeFresh just isn't what you're looking for!

...and that catches us up about halfway or so. Much more to recount [or recant?] but I'll knock that off in the next few days. For now, suffice it to say that life is indeed good and continues to be a great growth expeience. See ya soon, and thanks again to all who dropped notes of concern.

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