March 17th

Happy Saint Paddie's Day. As Irish as I am [3 Irish grandparents, and one Scot], I was oblivious to the date or the holiday until late tonite on my drive home when I started hearing news reports about the state of revelry around the bars.

Well, Nia gave me a hand this afternoon, and is she ever a handy person with a hammer and screwdriver! She drove me down to Video Only, where I'd priced a good deal on an entertainment center and a new TV. The TV is a week or three down the road, but the entertainment center needed to be constructed before TV delivery anyhow, so we got that today. The silly girl looked at me, sheet of instructions and screwdriver in hand, and asked if I were one of those people who got upset at people helping them. Sheesh. For the next couple hours I fetched tools, read the instructions to her, pointed out which was Tab A and which was Slot B, and pretty much stepped back out of the way and watched her go. Watching her flex her muscles in her muscle shirt worked for me too, by the way.

After Nia scrambled out of here to run climb into the fetish wear she'd bought this week for a Wet Spot evening, I spent a little bit of time chatting with Kevin and then throwing together a collection of the tools and implements I figured I'd need for the evening. After watching this week's episodes of C*O*P*S I drove on down to the Spot. Parking was tight, so I figured it would be a full house. The place turned out to be fairly full, but next to nothing was going on out on the dungeon floor. I saw Nia - absofuckinglutely stunning in a corset that showed her having breasts from here til next Tuesday and the waistline of a bulimic midget - and met her friends, who seemed like nice folks. Nia's new girlfriend is just as cute as Nia had told me. I schmoozed and wandered and greeted old friends long missed and kept looking for my date for the night. She and her guy wandered in a half hour or so after I did, and we shortly got down to business.

My play partner this evening was the beautiful young Rayce, a short and spunky blond that I've been exchanging flirts with for a year or so. I didn't know her from Adam some time back and was invited to help with a many-people-on-one birthday spanking. Apparently we made an impression on each other cuz we've gotten to be quite friendly, including one memorable evening when I was sitting on the couch and she came up behind me, leaned over, and gave me the softest boobie blindfold anyone could ask for. She is the lady who recently trained Panther to replace her on the job. A few weeks ago she approached me and told me that she had negotiated poly play with her primary, E. We met over dinner at the Sunlight Cafe to discuss tastes and wishes and boundaries and stuff a week or two ago and we came up with a long list of fun-to-come. Tonight was the first actual play.

Panther - I heard your plea in your journal, absolutely agree, and we'll get together soon soon soon.

Rayce had a little wisp of a black gown on that came off easier than a string bikini. We had decided on the general realm of sensory deprivation and breast stimulation. I started by giving her the choice of breathing through a five foot tube with a bite grip on one end, or a pair of soda straws inserted into her nares. She - wisely, in my opinion - opted for the tube. Using microfoam tape to be gentle on her skin I covered her eyes with gauze pads and used wax ear plugs to cut down on noise, then began to wrap her entire head in 3" Ace bandages. I left her breathing tube and her nares open. After finishing with the Ace bandages I started over and covered the entire bandaged area with duct tape. I ended that portion of the wrap-up by looping the breathing tube around her neck loosely several times and taping the open end - her airway - to the side of her duct tape helmet. The ear plugs didn't work that well - I found out later - but otherwise she was definitely in there and having to focus on her regular breathing.

After asking her if she liked Chinese food I captured her attention just about a 1/4" short of a safeword with chopstick pairs rubber banded into nipple clamps. I used those big asparagus rubber bands and it took her just about as far as you want to go with sudden nipple torture. I lightly saran wrapped her torso then taped around the saran wrap and the rack behind her to hold her in position against it, and then had her put her arms up in a position she could hold, and taped them to the rack as well. At this point I kinda lost track of sequences, but I remember using a wickedly sharp knife multiple times and ways on her breasts and labia both, using a curry comb, a cat's fine wire brush, both modern plastic and old fashioned wooden mousetraps, and about a dozen of those fine plastic coated wire clothes pins. Checking down below for moisture I found she was definitely wet, despite the fact that most of what we'd done was fairly extreme sensation. I used a knee up between her thighs to ride her, bounce her up and down and thrust the knee hard up to get my jeans leg saturated with her juices, and to keep her attention split between the ongoing breast torture and the assault on her cunt. She did incredibly well, and was an extremely responsive bottom.

Top true confession time. I had fucked up, folks. Early on in our scene I realized that, after the duct tape helmet was already in place, when I went into my bag the paramedic shears that are always in that bag, the shears that I knew were in that bag, they weren't fucking there. Sudden rush of shit to the heart. I caught the eye of Annika and whispered a request that she go ask Viktor to loan me his shears. I had them in my pocket a moment later and removing the duct tape helmet later went well. I left the gauze taped over her eyes after removing all the other debris and walked her over to the aftercare room. In there I snuggled with her a bit and gently removed the blindfold - and she started laughing out loud at finding her make up had left a perfect Tammy Faye Bakker imprint on the gauze. We cuddled for a few minutes and then went out and cleaned up. Once done I took her back to her guy and turned her back over to him with my appreciation for his generosity.

Nia throughout this entire thing had been sitting about 10' away giving us rapt attention. Chatting with her I found that certain images had caught her eye and I'm going to have to remember them next time we play. This had been Nia's first Saturday night Pan Party and she looked like a kid in a candy store with an nickel all night long. I left before too long and heading home heard those news reports about the St Patrick's bar scene. There are really a lot of times I'm glad that I'm sober.

Life is good, and continues good. Next weekend I'm off to Vancouver BC with Beverly, and I have no doubts that'll be kinda good too.

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