March 14th

Peter is a happy boy.

Much of what happened over the past few hours was denoted by the word 'warm'.

As we are speaking, I'm sitting here, on episode 30 of my return through a Babylon 5 marathon. Quietly surfing the net, my feet in a tub full of warm water and a couple cups of olive oil. The bottoms of my feet have always been tough, and they stay dried out rough and often with painful cracks. Someone somewhere recently recommended that I use olive oil soaks, said to be an old folklore cure. In addition to being a pleasant decadence I can already tell that it certainly seems to be effective as well. This is a warm little be-nice-to-myself that will definitely be repeated.

Nia came over this evening for her birthday bondage party. I was going to deliver it a week or three ago, but by circumstances ended up enlisting her help in offering Vamp a tad bit of pleasure. I woke at the last minute this afternoon and scrambled to wash dishes and arrange toys and CDs and stuff before she arrived with Chinese carry out and a smile. I made up a batch of my homemade egg drop soup and we enjoyed a leisurely dinner. The dining room table, as well as the futon I had the restraints attached to and the sling, are in the area of the house which is virtually isolated from heat in the winter. I had an electric space heater lit up before she arrived and after our dinner I lit up every candle I could find in the house to make sure that she had a warm place to enjoy her bondage.

I stripped her down to and then out of a perfectly lovely matched bra and panty set and laced her into a full-head leather hood. The posey vest didn't get applied exactly according to the instructions - the side ties I crisscrossed into a lift and separate titty hugger instead of tying them down to the bed frame. An ace bandage around the eyes made for a thorough blindfold. Ankles into the leather Humane Restraint canvas and leather bed restraint set attached to the futon and wrists into a pair of soft disposable medical restraints also tied to the futon. Right about this time I changed into the same uniform she was wearing [nothing], and started in with sensations both old and new. It's amazing how perceptions alter when blind. Three or four wide rubber bands [from asparagus] around the base of each breast, just to make them firm and taut. A small rabbit skin was very very soft, and then the garden weasel was not. Mixing those along with other warm skin to warm skin contacts, and then I added a collection of large clothes pins around and on her nipples. That's when I grabbed a dental dam and found out how absolutely impossible it is to use one for cunnilingus when your partner is tied to a futon, incapable of moving, and positioned so that your shins are nearly busted in half by the futon armrest. I quickly retired that as "good idea/another day" and went back to my "kneel at her side" ministrations; pinch, rub, bite and probe. As I escalated things half the ten clothes pins I'd applied were inadvertently knocked off in my leaning up to hug her - and yes, she did scream nicely - so I went ahead and removed the others. We climbed and climbed and she had at least two train wreck level orgasms before the third teetered on the edge of eternity before taking her over into the lurching and screaming cry of "Enough!"

The room was quite quite warm.

After each of us showered, and I did the necessary cleansing, we shifted over to the sling room and adjusted the sling to just exactly the right height for her newly purchased dildo harness. She just got it and it's her first - she was so excited! Let me tell you, so was I! I've had a lot of rosebud play recently, fingers and fists and such, but this was to be the first time in a very long time that I've actually had a woman standing at the foot of the sling, fucking me. She started gentle and cautious, sitting in a chair and lubing and fingering and teasing, but quickly moved on to standing and insertion. In place in her harness was "Mr Hook", an old favorite toy of mine [I think it's the one called 'Willow' in the Toys in Babeland catalog. It is an average length, tapered from a smaller head to a larger base, with a nice curve up to aim directly at the prostate. It slipped right in and out and in and out and ... damn it felt good. As she fucked and thrust and pounded I was startled to notice how nice and warm her skin felt as she touched me. The warm cut through everything else, and it was soft, it was human, it was comfort. That feeling sat superimposed over the the electricity racing from my ass to the rest of my body. I felt it when she leaned forward to swallow my dick in her mouth; I felt it when she gathered my thighs in her arms and held my legs up higher; I felt it when she let my thighs fall against her beautiful large breasts and shoulders; I felt it when her hips hit and hit and hit my butt cheeks. The realization I had was that so much of the play I do is cold, mechanical, technical - all the while being great stuff, but it's often a 'cold' great. As much as I enjoy that, I realized that I need and crave the soft human touch as well. In the middle of getting my brains fucked out, I found comfort in this, and nursed the warm touch as an infant would suckle...

...and three, four times, I found myself coming to, coming back into my body from a place elsewhere, not knowing what the body was, where it was, or what I was supposed to do with it. Each time I slowly gurgled and tongue thrust and arm flopped, until I was close to coherent, and she resumed. I do confess that after a couple times doing that I did request "When I go non-verbal and googoogaga like that, please keep right on fucking me hard and fast?" Nothing like it to take you from an ecstatic plateau and bounce you up a couple octaves.

The only word for her was magnificent!!! It is so empowering for a woman to fuck a man, and looking up at her shining and smiling face, she was radiant. We slowed down, and started disengaging from the sling and all the other apparatus, flung a few gloves and condoms at the trash can, and threw one helluva big bundle of trick towels into the laundry pile. Just before she headed home she remarked that her yoga lessons tomorrow were going to be rough - the 'boy' hip thrust motion over and over again stressed new muscles and her lower back was already aching, but we both agreed that it was an earth moving experience, to be repeated again and often.

The undercurrent of warm throughout the experiences I've had the past few hours is comforting. It reminds me that I'm human, that I have humbling and simple needs and wants, that at age 51 I can still find nurturing in those close to me. Moreover, that they can and will give that comfort to me. The orgasms were wonderful, overwhelming, and satisfying. The warms I felt, and my realizations about them, I'll carry with me for a while.

And yes, life is quite good.

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