March 27th, 2000

Ah, too long since I last posted.

Saturday we had the Vendor's Faire at the Spot Saturday and of course I spent money. Got a "Wiccan Army" tshirt ["we will not fly silently into the night"] and a neuro wheel. It was Georgette's birthday so she sat like Queen of the May and all of us genuflected to her all night. It was a full busy night, many people in from East Jesus and West Podunk and we were close to our own limits [less than the Fire Marshall's]. I got there two hours before I was due to go on duty as DM and just started working. Kept right on til 3am.

Well, almost. A certain young lady with whom I've dallied once was sorta kinda "can't you take a little break" whispering in my ear. I passed my DM badge to Jim and told him I was gonna take a short break. I have no idea how short it was - when I discovered her crotchless panties I was obliged to fill the void. When I came out Jim had taken Georgette off and away to finish her birthday celebration at home and my badge was on another staff member's shirt. It took it back and finished the night.

Sunday I stayed up to watch the Kingdome implode, then slept til 4, went shopping and watched the Oscars, and then went to bed at midnight, surprisingly.

I am doing a couple weeks of - shudder - day shift and had to be up bright and early today. I just got home, it's now 1030pm, 13 hours on the clock and more on the body and have to be there at 7am. I'll pick up on my diary notes when the dust clears.

Life is busy.

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