March 25th, 2000

Quickie entry.

I'm yawning, fading, about to hit the sack. Went to the Wet Spot's monthly Men's Party - every 4th Friday- and was pleased to see a handful more fellows showing up than the prior month. The girlz parties are all filled up, and our weekly pan parties are ready to start turning people away, but the men's parties are lagging behind.

I didn't even play last nite; Kevin got a new job requiring an early Saturday morn, so he stayed home and cooked dinner for his wife and got to bed early. I did end up chatting with Jim and Sol for quite some time. Both good men and good company.

Finally remembered to pick up the several little prostate thingies that the friend who runs wants me to test fly and write a review of. I have already been using one for a while and it's a real happy thing. Slips right in, holds itself in place, angles up to tickle the prostate, and has a nubbin on the front that tickles the guiche spot, what some folks call the taint [taint scrotum and taint butt] and what the device's instructions claims is an accupressure point. I like it, except the nubbin rubbing that point can irritate some. I'm gonna give one to Kevin, and one to another friend who is also an afficianado of anal play. Get a variety of comment and experience to write the review from.

Now to sleep, Hazel the maid is due any minute now but she won't wake me. Well, unless she wants to talk, or unless she decides to turn on the stereo, or unless she decides to vacuum my room, or unless whatever. That's ok... Vendor Faire at the Wet Spot this afternoon and have to make at least a token visit. Then home to nap before being the DM for the late night portion of the pan party.

Even when it's quiet, life is full.

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