March 19th, 2000

Ahhhh .... noon, an hour when most civilized people are supposed to be starting to snore, dropping off to the Land of Morpheus. What the fuck am I doing awake guzzling coffee?

Oh, this boy asked me to help him with a fundraiser...but lemme go back a bit and explain. It's a good story.

Around a year ago I had a friend by the name of Sol reached out to me with a cry for help. A young - mid twenties - and enthusiastic player, he came to me and told me of a true fuck-up. He had been loaned the lady of a Senior And Serious Player, and had broken the one rule he had been told, "Leave No Marks". He had accidentally scarred her. The SASP had BLEVE'd [old fire department term for "Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion", what happens when a partially full gas tank is overheated, and also what happens when a young boy scars an SASP's girl...]. The boy had come to me for advice of how to fix things, and I sent him to a local man who is respected as a teacher. To the boy's credit, he was the first straight boy that the teacher, a well known gay male top, had ever taken on as a student.

In the year or so since, the growth has been fun to watch. Sol was at first an overgrown enthusiastic puppy, jumped in your lap and slobbered all over you. Then he broke something and had his tail between his legs so firmly it gave him an octave change. Ever since he's been slowly growing, and watching a hyperactive boy become a responsible man in front of you is very satisfying to watch. One task that has been given him is to produce a charity fundraiser, and it is in the planning of this that I'm joining him this morning. If it wasn't for such a good reason, I'd be snoring as we speak.

Yesterday started out well - Number One Son finally made it for dinner. Our third week in a row of trying, and things worked well. The chicken breast had been marinating for a couple days, and I steamed up a collection of vegetables [bok choi, asparagus, daikon, red cabbage] that satisfied both my Pacific Northwest farm boy roots and his current mania for anything Japanese. A pleasant time [plus he helped get my computer ready for the upcoming cable modem hookup]. Dropped him off for his bus and on to the WS.

Last night was fun at the Wet Spot. I was scheduled to help close up at the end of the night, so was free early on, and I made the most of it. First of all, happy of happies, I met Heather who is in town visiting with Jane. I walked in the door and had this cute little bundle of energy walk up and hug me... the night started well! One of the nice side benefits of working for Janes Guide is that Jane - being one herself - knows the nicest people and I get to meet them too! Jane and Jim and Georgette and Heather and I all got to go grab a bite to eat and chat before heading back and jumping into the decadence.

Spankings, floggings, piercings, bondage, lots of fun stuff. I waded in it thoroughly for several hours, and managed to enjoy myself quite a bit, with several different fine folks in several different fascinating ways. Long about midnight I turned into a pumpkin, put on my DM badge and started being officially responsible. Things quieted down quite a bit later in the evening, and by 3am there were very very few people for me to annoy with my new favorite "Yodelling the Classics" CD. Say what you will, it DOES clear out the room when it's time to go home.

So, eased my way slowly home, nursing my about-to-die transmission, quickly cruised some obligatory smut surfing just to satisfy my jones, and hit the sack early. Normally after a Saturday nite party I'm up til well into the morning Sunday, but - like I said earlier, a boy had asked me to help him with a fundaiser.

Life continues to be good.

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