March 15th, 2000

I don't know how many of y'all out there are settling for the terrible connectivity problems I've been having on my primary Internet account, but drop carrier interrupt drop carrier dial up network problems ad infinitum ad nauseum... and they have the audacity to tell me that they're adding DSL. Sheesh, they've been fucking up the 56K BB gun - I should trust them with the DSL buffalo rifle?

I won't bore everyone with the grief, angst, sturm und drang, cursing, everything else, that has been involved over the past year in trying to straighten out my provider and simultaneously trying to get DSL. Turns out I'm in a house that US Worst will deign to grant DSL access to sometime around the Second Coming.

At various times during all this I've come to a totally sympathetic understanding of the mind set behind road rage, going postal, and ethnic cleansing.

So I got this ad in the mail from AT&T at Home - the cable hookup. I knew it wasn't the ideal that I wanted, but if it is better than what I have and more available than what I can't get, I decided to to go for it. Chatted with the folks on the phone, it seems it'll be relatively cheap, relatively no hassle, and they were willing to do it this week! I put them off till next week for scheduling purposes [didn't want to deal with them and the kitchen ceiling fixer guy at the same time].

We'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed. Cutting a calf and laying it on the altar. Calling in all my karma chits.

Life is tentatively gonna be a whole lot better.

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