March 12th, 2000 - Late Night

Argh. Sleep deprived again. Being a nocturnal creature trying to live in the same world as morning people can be painful.

We had an organizing meeting for the National Leather Association here in Seattle at the Wet Spot this afternoon. The good news was that most of the other folks there had been at the same party I was at last night; there was no ill advised cheerfulness. That ran for a couple hours. I helped get things going, helped chose a board [on which I'll be glad to serve] and elected officers [dodged that bullet]. There can be some benefits to having an ill spent youth, and I'll chose not to admit right now where I originally paid my dues using Roberts Rules of Order. I'm familiar though. [The most important thing to remember in any organization? Don't miss any meeting where tasks - or titles - are being doled out. If you're not there, you might get 'volunteered'.]

Dinner this evening was fun and different. Met with an acquaintance who wanted to do an interview for her Masters research. Acquaintance? Well, when I was Sado Claus at the winter Vendor Faire at the Wet Spot I had her strip naked and threw her over my lap for a 'Hi Santa' spanking [all with the encouragement of her primary partner]. We haven't played beyond that yet, so can't really count that pleasant charity fund raising effort as a full blown scene. Anyhow, interspersed with a bit of flirting here and there, she questioned me about storage and categorizing methods of my smut. Ah - the scent of legitimacy!

Apparently she has run into a lot of resistance from some of the Powers That Be who can bless her Masters, because she is out researching sex positive things in positive ways. After months of grief and effort her persistence has paid off, in finding a different sponsor for her thesis, one who is supportive and understanding. Her point - "I can't believe that information science [librarians] are ignoring the number one search argument on the Internet!" is just so much common sense. It sounds like a little thing, and she may never be as well known as other pioneers like Annie Sprinkle or Carol Queen, but I think what she's doing is every bit as important in it's own way, and the risks she is personally taking are just as pricey as those taken by the Big Girls. I was tickled to be able to work with her.

Please don't think my altruism any less credible for my also acknowledging that she's cute, sexy, and has many deviant tastes in common with me.

Tried to do more work after she left but ended up spinning my wheels, the sleep deprivation catching up. It's almost dawn now, nothing really done, and I'm off to sleep to get ready for a few days at my Other Job.

Life is good.

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