March 12th, 2000 - 4am

What a nice nite. Lotsa stuff going on.

Up late last nite doing a bunch of reviews, cruising a few usegroups [,, and still hoping for something other than spam at], I ended up getting to sleep this morning around 11am. Tried the Valerian/Chamomile/Melatonin mix, and got some good and deep sleep, but only around 3-4 hours. My housekeeper wasn't able at the last minute to come over for the afternoon, her teen-age son out and about, and I was on email and phone with her back and forth for a while settling schedules. That, plus had to get down to see Al D at his piercing salon to discuss state of the art skin prep for piercing, and picked up some cleansers from him for the equipment at the Wet Spot. Getting to see Al prior to his 6pm shop closing was complicated, of course, by the imfuckingpossible parking on Capital Hill. I had to settle - as the last two times I've visited him - for the only +_illegal+_ parking space I could find within two blocks.

Picked up a couple spray bottles of Mata-Cide and a few samples of Techni-Care, threw them in my backpack and got the hell off of Cap Hill headed back up to Ballard for a quiet dinner and a blessed peaceful reading of a few chapters in my latest book. Interjection here; I average 3-4 novels a week.

Mid dinner I charted out notes on a napkin for my piercing scene planned for later... more on that later. Now, what the hell is it -- years ago when I was a clean cut corporate type, waitresses never hassled me. Now, I'm the same fellow on the inside, but bearded, pony-tailed, multipli-pierced and tat'd and a 4" toothpick piercing my naval septum, damned if I don't get asked every two minutes after my steak comes, "Are you done with that yet Sir?", "Can I bring you your check, Sir?", "I'm gonna politely nag your raggedy ass hippie self out of my yuppie grill, Sir" ........ well, she didn't say the last one out loud. My credit card pays for the meal as well as anyone else's, but damned if the tip doesn't shrink on a night like this.

Anyhow, on to the Wet Spot. Helped Georgette set things up and handle the crush at the door until Jane and Jim arrived like the Marines to save us. Forty-nine new members tonite. Sheesh.

Jane had mentioned in her forum and journal a few days ago about hurting her back working out, so I hooked her up to the Mean Green Machine [sort of an antique industrial strength TENS unit]. Half an hour or so and darned if her back didn't sorta stop hurting so much. I like putting smiles on Jane's face!

Did a bunch of schmoozing, lots of old friends and a few new ones as well, in for their first time at the Spot. And then on to the scene of the night. Panther and I had agreed earlier in the week to do a piercing scene after her husband gave her a good warm-up flogging. He had a new slapper that looked particularly nasty, but he did his scene with her while I was unlaxing Jane's back muscles. I'd tentatively agreed to do a nice friendly lightweight flogging between a couple of old friends with a lady I know, but Panther was ready before I thought she would be, and I had to disappoint the other lady. I'll have to make it up to her soon.

I had already explained to Panther's husband what we were going to be doing, but she had no idea. Actually, we'd already done all of the activities before, but that was then, this is now. Used the new cleanser from Al, Technicare, for skin prep. A grounding and centering exercise, breathing together, and we began.

What followed was intense, personal, and on the edge.

With her permission, let me quote from HER point of view, from the email she had waiting for me when I got home after the party:

I trust you. more than you would believe. The gift you give to me is so far and away beyond what I ever thought possible......and you bring things out in me.....

Needles. yum. I was so scared to have that big needle pierce my breast....but it was part way in and that was fine.....and not until I had almost forgotten about it did you go all the way through...................prompting a mind-blowing, body-shuddering orgasm, that arrived on the crest of several others, and toppled all of my synapses, nay every fiber of every cell, over the edge from "orgasm" into some heretofore undescribed realm.....


Ok....the regular needle part was intense, and put me into that sort of semi-trance state where my brain stops the daily babble and undercurrent of mundane thought and just sort of goes into the realm of "is." I don't think I like the acupuncture needles....they don't feel the same, and some part of me gets really squicked when they bend the way that they do. Also I do receive acupuncture medically, so the thought process, the energy behind it, is somehow different. When you began suturing, it was different. I mean you had done a little suturing last time, sort of an introduction, so I did have a sense of how it would feel. But it was deeper....and I could really feel the string part (the suture itself, I guess) pulling under my skin and biting my flesh. This grew more pronounced the higher up my chest you went. The stitches through the skin over my pec major was probably the most intense part. I felt rational thought sliding away, and I started to go out of body, to watch myself from a place just behind and above my own physical self. Then I'd move slightly, which would change the sensation and pulled my spirit back into my body with an almost audible "thud." I think that is when I started to go feral, the repeated cycle of into and out of body just put my "rational" mind into a kind of holding pattern, and let the animal that is my true self come out to play. What a gift you give me, by allowing the wild woman inside her freedom! I remember you saying I was a strong woman, and feeling like I was being a wimp about something...though in retrospect I am not sure what that conversation was all about.

I think I got the giggles somewhere in there, when I felt blood dripping ..... and getting cold as it puddled on my ankle. I was sticky all over, which seemed at the time to be thoroughly delightful. Seeing your eyes, when I remembered to look up, was very important, because you were at once playful and QUITE serious.....silly, spiritual, caring, healing, and yet somehow.....very FOCUSED on both my body and my emotional state. I was sort of aware of the presence of a minute audience, and of people coming and going.....but for once it didn't seem to matter. What mattered was the moment. This is part of the whole feral thing....the release of NOT thinking, worrying, and focusing on anything outside of the exact instant of current existence.

And that's some of why Life is Good.

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