March 2nd, 2000

Gads, was I scared tonite.

I'm a 50 year old fellow. I raised a child alone but he's now a parent himself, and my medical training with infants was a decade ago.

There are a couple of folks in our local community, dear friends of mine. I've dated both of them at various times and love them both very much. I think they're both beautiful people, and poster children for polyamory. Off and on she and I have had an every-third-Friday date, and at one time when she was tied up with other responsibilities he and I had some enjoyable times together. When I first negotiated with her, several years ago, she had the classic line I've often quoted re polyamory, "Well, fridays would be good for me cuz that's the night my husband has with his girlfriend". A couple months ago they created their first child together, obviously destined by the odds of genetics to grow to beauty herself.

At the time of birth I gave them a gift certificate for an hour for two at the local hot tub emporium, and as well my services as baby sitter so that there's no excuse not to go. A week ago I visited their house and got my basic training on their daughter, where the diapers are, how to warm up the frozen previously-pumped breast milk, and so forth. They even had a 3 page typed out Crying Checklist, for those moments when nothing seems to work.

So, rested and fresh from a supportive visit to my therapist, I drove down tonite and cheerfully sent them on their way. Argh.

Let me net it down a bit. I survived, she survived, and they came home totally refreshed from their dinner and spa. My best moment was when they walked in and saw their daughter sleeping comfortably on my chest... I figure they don't need to know that it took me nearly 2 hours to get her that quiet and peaceful.

Damn I was proud of myself!

The whopper I bought on my way down to their house to munch on? It was still forgotten and untouched in my bag when I headed home.

The debate will continue forever on the recurring issue "is there really such a thing as 'our community' or not", but if there is, it's nights like tonight that help create it.

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