June 25th

In my all-too-often pattern, I've been off living life instead of writing about it here. Again, apologies to those who enjoy my tales. I love writing, but sometimes, as I have proven often, I don't. Thanks for sticking around, those of you who are still here. I'm not going to try to catch y'all up in any great detail, but I'll make a few mentions.

I had another of those road trips where I fly to Arizona, buy a car from my dad, and drive solo like a madman from Phoenix to Seattle - the second such trip in a few years, thanks to the drunk asshole who hit-and-run totalled the first such car a year or so ago. The Mercedes I bought from a friend after that loss, which had turned into a 30+ year-old hole in the universe that I threw money into, had become intolerable to maintain and run, so off to Arizona again. I love seeing Dad, and I do like long road trips, even solo ones, but it is draining. It was over 100 degrees when I left Scottsdale, and it got a lot hotter when I drove into the desert. It was pouring rain by the time I got to Conrad and Margaret's place in Oregon, and all in all, over 1600 miles in three days was quite a challenge.

We've had some burdens this spring - I had another brush with pneumonia, similar to but not quite as severe as what I experienced through the months of May and into June of 2003. Ealain was ill for a bit, and then had a rough recovery from her tubal ligation. And as well as the burdens of illness, there have been great challenges - Ealain has been working incredibly hard day in and day out on a feature-length documentary on the Queen Bees, a Seattle burlesque troupe that is radical, queer, subversive, and just a lot of fun. She's been filming performance footage for quite a while, and this spring did a series of interviews, and for quite a while now has been editing up a storm. She'll be giving the Bees a preview showing this next week.

Money continues to be tight, like I said above we've had our physical challenges, but all in all life has continued to be quite good. Ealain and I have continued to bond quite closely, and I have to tell you - after all these years as a largely unattached slut on the prowl, now having a primary partner is fascinating and rewarding. She knows my faults and baggage, and loves me regardless. As well, she allows me the intimacy of knowing her own faults and baggage, and we both work well with each other in supporting the other. We've each been able to spend more time with Linus, who is a very good boy growing to be a fine man, and that has been nice as well. I've never really sought out the situation of being a mentor to a younger man - having raised my son to manhood by myself really overfilled that need - but Linus and I are continuing to build a relationship including some of those factors. And of course Ealain gets all hot and excited at her two male partners doing a Daddy Bear mentors Young Grasshoppah thing. The three of us are heading up to the Pride Parade together in the morning.

So, most recently? Ealain and I took a bit of a walkabout this past week. Girlshawn was nice enough to share some camping gear with us. It was everything we wanted, in a few day getaway. Camping on a hill overlooking Lake Crescent one night, and another night on a cliff at Kalaloch overlooking the Pacific. Sitting on a driftwood log and watching the sun slowly setting is special. Eating locally caught and smoked salmon from the Makah in Neah Bay, while sitting on a rock at Cape Flattery... the furthest northwest point of the continental states... was a marvelous lunch. Another day lunch was eaten deep in the heart of the Hoh Rain Forest, and walking amongst 250 foot tall cedars and douglas firs there was awe inspiring. We decided that we'll be doing a whole lot more camping and exploring about, as we're able. You can't put a price on walking in the surf watching the birds float on the coastal winds, or laying against a tree 20' in diameter and 500 years old and adding the strength of the tree to your grounding visualizations.

Life is quite good.


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