June 21st

Let me tell you about last Wednesday. It was one of my best days ever.

I was just bubbling over with enthusiasm as I left work. I drove over to the Northgate Park'n'Ride, just a mile or less from the office. I met Sis and Dad there, who drove down from Bellingham, and Catsy, who bussed over from the U District. We all hopped on an express and a few minutes later were on the sidewalk outside of Safeco Field. Dad had sprung for four tickets - row 34 of section 143; damn good seats - for the Mariners vs the Angels. It was an excellent game, very very exciting.

The first time we scored I jumped up and down and all of a sudden had to grab myself and apologize to the folks seated behind me, as I had had a catastrophic suspender failure. They were laughing and I was laughing with them. I turned around to the couple of pre-teens seated with two grandfathers and told the kids, "Now, I've served a good purpose here. I taught you the important less of always wear clean underwear when you leave the house."

I got an idea of what their visit together has been like since Sis got in from Boston, what with listening to Sis critique the various junk food and drink choices Dad considered. Hehehehehe. I had a crispy Polish with grilled onions and the works along with a Starbucks and a Mountain Dew... ok, and four of Catsy's garlic fries. Only four!

The entire evening was a happy thing, the four of us representing three generations, and to get to do something like this together when our lives have scattered us so. With the unspoken undercurrents of mortality that have touched Dad and I recently, I can tell you that each and every one of the four of us cherished every moment together.

The one clunker of the evening was four steps from the bottom of the stairs as we exited. I was leading, Dad behind me, Sis beside him and Catsy trailing Dad. We had been spotting Dad like that the entire evening. I heard a yell and pivoted to find Dad hitting the ground, Catsy trying to get under him and almost able to catch him. It wasn't another syncope, but just a stumble. We got him over to a chair one of the Safeco staff got for us. I checked him out head to toe, and he had split his thumb open pretty well on the step he hit. When I asked for a bandaid they called in King County Medic I, which is mounted on bicycles for work at Safeco. They gave me a bandaid and agreed with me that he needs stitches. Once we got back to the cars at the Park'n'Ride, Sis had to take Dad in to the ER for 3 stitches and a tetanus shot. It was unfortunate, but it took none of the lustre off the pearl of an evening for any of us.

Oh - and we won! Life is indeed good.

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