June 16th

I went up to Dad's place yesterday, spent the afternoon with Sis - in from Boston - and Catsy and Dad. Damn the friggin fundies in that town - I couldn't buy a bottle of Marsala cooking wine for my marinade because of the local blue laws. No alcohol sales on Sunday. It's a cooking wine, people! I don't drink! This is the town that in 2003 still emulates "Footloose" - public dancing is outlawed. I'm glad Dad is happy there, but I just burn in fury when I encounter people legislating their morality on my life. /rant mode.

Anyhow, Dad is coming along pretty good. Physically he's looking good, but I'm still concerned about some of his judgement. Skipping meals when he shouldn't, driving when he shouldn't. Sis will be here for two weeks and she and I will be chatting about her observations.

Catsy, let me say here, did an excellent job staying with Dad. I'm quite proud of him. One night Dad fell and Catsy was on the phone to me in a second, did everything right, and had insightful comments for me whenever I asked about how Dad's recovery was going. He's back to his home now, hitting the pavement resuming his job hunt.


Friday I went to the Erotic City party. Shawn and I were going to go but her baby sitter welched on her so she was stuck at home. I decided to go on in anyway - my first party at the Spot since pneumonia knocked me out of the game. It was a pleasant enough time. I ended up in a 3 person massage exchange, which evolved into a puppy pile sorta, and eventually into some pretty enthusiastic fisting-kinda action. I could not believe how depleted I was after, and how even after catching my breath I couldn't catch up with my stamina. My body was just weary.


Saturday was a full day of a bunch of different flavors. I arrived at the Sunlight Cafe at noon for what I had thought was a noon lunch. I was early, of course. The lunch was actually planned for 1pm. Oh well, I got the table for 12 folks set up. It was a get together of Seattlites from 3WA and it was fun. Folks came from Olympia, Vancouver BC - even one girl who snuck in from the midwest just to surprise folks.

Next up I headed to Capital Hill to see Troy, who was Al's apprentice. He's now part owner of Apocalypse Tattoo. I'd taken an earring out for a week or so and it appeared to have closed down from an 8 or 10 gauge. I bought some new jewelry [Body Circle, of course] and had Troy stretch the hole back open. It was good to see the boy and see how well he's doing. I know Al would be proud to see the high professional standards that he pioneered being carried on by Troy.

And right after Troy I headed back up to Northgate for my supreme indulgence - a full soup to nuts salon pedicure. Oh, gads. It was so good. Such a sensual delight.

After a day that full I had to veg a little at home before heading in to the pansexual play party at the Wet Spot. I really had no dance card or plans, but just on a hunch I brought my piercing bag. Kismet being what it is, I ran into a young lady I'd spent some time with a couple of years ago, and she asks me to pierce her. It was nice fun, filling her perky young breasts with stainless steel. I just got email from her telling me about the roller coaster she rode afterwards, and asking me if next time I do it I make her bleed a lot more. I think I can handle that.


All in all, things are coming together. Last month you couldn't have gotten a Life Is Good out of me with Mengele's best instruments. Now, Life Is Good is starting to feel as honest and sincere as ever.

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