June 8th

Well, so far so good. Catsy is enjoying his stay with Dad, and I have no doubts Dad is - any time he has with his kids or grandkids is magic time for him. He never tries to hide his gratitude and enjoyment of it, whether it is with me, Sis, or any of the grandkids. Dad seems to be getting stronger and sharper, but we're still keeping an eye to make sure he will be safe. It looks like Catsy will be able to stay with him another week, and hopefully next week Sis will be out from Boston, spend some time with Dad, and give she and I some time together to make option plans. Seeing your own father come closer to his mortality is excruciating, but inevitable. Right now I'm just grateful that he is recovering as well and as quickly as he is.


Friday was terrible/wonderful; the weather was terrible but Shawn was wonderful. A week ago the weather here was 68 to 70 fahrenheit... just about perfect. The past few days, however, it has been in the low 90's and the change has been miserable. I had to drop $45 at Home Depot for an industrial strength fan to blow air through the house to get relief. It's a nice place, nice an warm in the winter, but a bit of a brick Dutch oven when the sun beats down.

I got some Chinese delivery from Rickshaw and then drove out to Shawn's place Friday evening. Gads, but it was hot. The food was too spicy and I ended up not being able to clean my plate because of the combined environmental and red pepper heat. We still managed to have a fantastic time, lots of great sex, but not until it was later and cooler. Yeah, I swallowed a blue pill before I left the house, but the amount of hickory dick I had, as hard and as long as it was hard was entirely Shawn's fault. She is such an incredibly sexy and sensual gal, and I just feel like we are so attuned there that is just so very rewarding. This was my first time attempting to give and receive mutual pleasure since the pneumonia hit, and it was so very nice [although I really did get winded, and know I still have to rebuild my stamina]. Thank you, my dear, for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


The temperature didn't get much better Saturday. I had a noon meeting out at the site for the planning committee for Wet Spot in Paradise, our Labor Day fund raiser get away. Last year was our first and this year looks to be bigger and better. Sigh - it was nice all over again just to read that journal entry about last year I just linked to above. I had a big surprise last night when I looked at Paradise's updated website - there are a bunch of pictures in the gallery I'd never seen before including my flashing what's under my kilt, and also a couple pictures of the mirror image piercing I did. Go through the gallery with the pic by pic method instead of the slide show. Anyhow, we walked the grounds yesterday, did a bit of planning what will go where, what is new, and so forth. The property owners are putting in quite a few improvements. We ended up in the swimming pool for an hour after the meeting, which was nice. What wasn't so nice was the short 20 minute drive back from Redmond to Ballard giving me a crimson sunburn on both shoulders. Ouch.

Saturday afternoon I got things ready for an evening barbecue. Elizabeth and Viand came over for a quiet pleasant evening. We did steaks on the grill that I had marinated in Marsala, many different spices, brown sugar, sweet pickle brine, and the juices of half a dozen hand-squeezed cloves of scallions. They brought a nice salad and a sparkling cider, and in addition to corn on the cob I also threw a foil packet on the grill with asparagus, sweet onion, mushrooms, and a bucket of butter. Yum.

After dinner we adjourned to the playroom downstairs. It is still far from finished, but I had the physician's examination table in the middle of the room and enough room around it to work. We took a few minutes making the area sacred for our purposes of the evening, and then I put Elizabeth in neck-down saran wrap mummification. Viand and I then eased her up to a supine position on the table. I lay a soft cloth over her eyes to shield her from the bright light overhead, and then Viand and I began to diddle with her. She started off so jumpy that simply touching her kneecap with a light fingertip or her shoulder with the touch of a feather made her startle-lurch up as high as the saran wrap would allow. We moved on to teasing her with dueling wartenburg wheels, hemostats, knife points, and such for a while, just getting all of her nerve endings jinglejangled up. Next we started doing mirror image piercings on her breasts, I on the right and Viand on her left. The piercings were through the saran wrap under the skin and back out, as we wanted to see the pretty patterns of the blood spreading under the tight wrap. We only did about a dozen each but they were all very intense, and Elizabeth was showing strong emotional response every inch of the way. After a while we moved to wax. They had a couple of soy candles and they smelled great. We took a while dripping the wax - one yellow and one brown - over the saran wrap. I don't think she felt too much of it because she was already in such a state of stimulation from the needles, but then pulling the needles out raised that bar even higher. Once they were out, and the crimson spreading under the saran wrap, we covered the whole area in wax again and massaged the heated wax and spilled blood together into a melange of color and sensation. She had reached tilt point here, and we cut her out of the wrap and started wrapping her in blankets and pushing fluids.

Sitting and settling after, we all remarked on how pleasant it is to get together for a quiet evening with friends. I don't entertain like this often enough.


And today, Sunday? The Mariners were rained out yesterday in New York so they are playing a double header today at Shea stadium against the Mets. The first game was 13-1 M's, and game two is looking similarly comfortable in the 6th inning, as I write. I'm working on getting a bunch of website reviews done for Janes Guide this afternoon. Lazy day stuff.


So life continues, challenges mixed with rewards. Once more I have to say a silent thanks to the gods and goddesses watching over me, as my life continues to be rich and blessed. Life is truly good.

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