June 5th

Dad was discharged from the hospital Tuesday afternoon. He gave me a call, said he had a ride home with his sister, so I called Catsy and told him to grab his bag and meet me after work. We drove the couple hours up to Dad's place and I left him there after sharing a nice three generation dinner.

It looks like it wasn't any of the big ones. It wasn't a stroke, it wasn't a heart attack, and it wasn't a seizure. He had skipped dinner, not feeling hungry. When he got to the E.R. his potassium was half the lower limit of normal. That, his doctor has concluded, was the culprit. It's actually quite a relief, and much easier to deal with. He now has two six-packs of Glucerna sitting in the fridge, with orders to drink one if he is unable to eat.

I fed Catsy so much basic nursing and lists of phone numbers and "check his shower for gripper tread" and "here's the key relatives you don't know that you're about to meet" that his head was spinning, but I was so proud of the man. Yeah, I think of him as 'my boy', but he is a man and that is showing this week. He is putting aside a very needed job hunt for a little while to do the right thing for family. He is dealing with this maturely and I'm proud of him.


Now I know why I live my life the way I do. Why I take big bites out of life. Why I live to regret those things I've done poorly, instead of those things I've feared to do.

I just watched "About Schmidt", with Jack Nicholson. Jack did a fantastic job in the movie, and I never ever ever ever want to be Schmidt.

I honestly don't think there's much chance, but just sayin'....

It's been a rough month. Life is getting better. Friday evening Shawn and I get some time together, yippee!

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