June 16th

Damn, but it's been a full week.

First of all, several days ago I visited Aubrey Hart Sparks, a well respected man about town, and the host of the popular internet radio show Aubrey's Playroom. The man sets one of the finest tables in Seattle, and I arrived rushing from work with some KFC chicken in my hand... and immediately realized my mistake and apologized. He spent about 3 minutes in the kitchen and put a platter of 1 1/2" of meat loaf and steamed vegetables in front of me. The sweet man. Anyhow, I wasn't there to eat - although eat I did. I was there to tape a session of the show with him, under one of my many names. Available 6/15/02, it's a session on first aid in the play space. Aubrey just makes you feel comfortable, sitting in the middle of his dungeon, our audience being a naked boy in the CageCam and his engineer, just chatting along on the topic. I know there are a million things we didn't cover but it was a nice start on the topic. I was flattered to be asked and hope it is of some help to folks along the line.

Next after Aubrey in the "Saints In Peter's World" this week were K & C, who had gifted me with a pair of tickets to the Mariner's game for 6/12/02. They helped make a special evening of it for my Dad and I, who watched Joel Pineiro pitch the game of his life. It was our Father's Day celebration, and one of the finest baseball games I've ever seen, and I really want to thank K, who got the tickets at work, and C, who drove her over to drop the tickets off.

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So on Friday, I headed out of the office noonish and, as usual, took 15 minutes to pack at the last minute, and headed out on a road trip north. Katt of Erotimania and Dominaction was having a birthday and she and her partner, Wolfe, invited me up for the weekend. [And yeah, anyone who is willing to host me and feed me and stuff I'm gonna go ahead and plug all 3 of their web sites]. As usual when I travel on a Friday afternoon, traffic was for shit. I was bumper to bumper from here til Marysville, 27.5 miles and 43 minutes according to Yahoo maps, moving maybe 5-10 miles an hour. Oh - and lemme tell ya folks, if you're taking Lasix [furosemide], my water pill, you'll notice in that link that under the "What should I avoid while taking furosemide" it doesn't warn you not to take your daily dose just before getting out into traffic. Consider yourself warned. An hour after taking and every 30 minutes for 3-4 hours. Not a road trip enhancement.

At the border was a major disillusionment for me. It's long been bragged on, long been an object of pride, that the border between Canada and the US was so cordial, that all a citizen of one nation needed was a simple ID, no passport. At Canadian Immigration I was told that next time I'd need either a birth certificate or passport in addition to my usual driver's license, and then they told me to go get shaken down by Canadian Customs. Sigh.

Uniformed lad: "Sir, is there anything in your car we should know about?"

Me: "Sure. I've got a K-Bar, tucked in the door pocket, a 5-cell flashlight under the seat, a nice Gerber pocket knife, and a shitload of sex toys."

Uniformed lad: "Sir, is there anything in the car that my partner and I will poke our skin on?"

Me: "Not as long as you don't take the K-Bar out of the sheath. Just a bunch of whips and floggers and handcuffs and stuff."

Uniformed lad: "You've done this before, haven't you sir?"

Me: [smile]

No problems, but the waddlefaddle at the border added another 45 minutes to my too-long drive. Anyhoo, got to Katt & Wolfe's place and had a most excellent BBQ pork chop dinner served up by Wolfe, and then we headed out to a play party hosted by the BIO folks. I saw a bunch of old friends, made some new ones, and Wolfe and I did about an hour or so's non-stop damage to Katt's most beautiful bootay. Floggers, canes, paddles, hands, fists, hands, fists, and a whole bunch of deep thuddy stuff with a rolled up deerskin hide. We had pallet-wrapped her in sort of a kneeling bent-over position, and cut open a 12" circle over the impact zone. It was wonderful fun, although the facility was a sweat box. I looked like something out of a bad 70s porn film, dropping all my clothes except my sox. It was HOT, dammit, and a rough floor! It was great fun for all three of us, and the first play Katt's been able to get to in a while. I was really glad we were able to.

Saturday we first admired Katt's purple buttocks, and then we walked to a theatre to go see Spiderman. The neighborhood of Vancouver B.C. that they live in is a mixed mosaic of rag people with shopping carts and the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden; Water Street filled with it's wonderful selection of international shops and more junkies per square inch than you could shake a stick at. It's the kind of neighborhood where you can walk to just about anything in the world you could ask for, but if you have a car you park it underground behind a gate. I could enjoy myself living there. After the movie we wandered the garden, and then did a bunch of napping back at their place.

A couple of their friends were coming over for dinner, but when they arrived - a lovely couple called S & M - S walked in in obvious agony. She - a lovely girl who looks like a sibling of a certain favorite movie star - was cradling an arm with some obvious swelling and deformity. I'm afraid I went into Angel of Mercy mode before we were even introduced. Turned out to be a catastrophic rollerblading injury. She got ice-packed up, and we all went to the Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant for some most excellent food. After returning to the apartment I did an immobilization of her arm with saran wrap and Wolfe took her over to the local emergency room. Meanwhile Katt and M - who is so perky and frisky and sexy with cleavage to get lost in that it was over an hour after I met her before I even noticed that she meets my freckles fetish - and I went out to the Night Market. We got free chunks of ginseng under our tongues and frozen fruit tubes and looked at more and more schtuff. Every possible Hello Kitty trinket in the universe. I saw a hematite bracelet I liked at one stall but it was too small. The merchant sold me, "Two dollar more, I make you one to fit." I found one place that had DVDs 3 for CA$25. The DVDs I picked up are all Asian issues, but Region 1. Lotsa nice junk, and of course I had to buy a bunch. We got back to the apartment a bit before Wolfe & S returned, arm in plaster. After S & M left the kids set up a backdrop and Katt took a bunch of pictures of me in and out of my kilts. I've had so damn many people asking to see what I look like in one, I can now definitely prove they shouldn't have asked!

And so this morning we slept in fashionably late before I packed up my kit bag and hitting the road. I left with a regret that I had to leave, and at the same time the realization that fish and house guests both go bad after three days. It was a lovely weekend with good friends, good good people, and hopefully to be repeated again shortly either up there or down here.

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Catsy - thanks a lot for the Father's Day call today. Those little things mean a lot, son. Thanks.

And it is a good life.

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