June 4th

No matter how good life is, sometimes it just isn't fair.

Right about now I should be sitting here writing a nice long report about the wonderful weekend I just had with Linda down in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, and instead I'm in too much pain to worry too much about my words.

At work today things were find until about the time my last patient arrived. I started to feel it then. Unfortunately, there was an elderly Asian woman with a long painful story to tell and a son-in-law serving as a partially competent translator. And I'm starting to hurt. Where I sit. And sit. And shift around and sit.

I've had irritation off and on for years, but it was quite some years ago the first time I had roids. They caught me by surprise then and I was in agony, AGONY, for an eternity one day at work. Oh. My. God. It was exactly - best I can guess - like shitting a handful of razor blades. Today that image kept surging to my inner viewing screen, but the pain today was more like - and yes, I am a wordsmith even when I'm in pain - ... it was more like I was continually trying to pass a large stainless steel pinecone

Today, the doc came in finally to do his half of the examination and I disappeared. I went to a dark room and unsuccessfully tried not to cry for about 15 minutes or so before I could muster the got-ahold-of-myself to get my car keys and come home.

One of the joys of living in a weird little mother-in-law basement conversion is that I have a shower, but no tub. I got the shower massage water as hot as I could and literally screamed when I first applied it. Not from the heat; from the contact... but I'm well past the 'explaining things' and 'gathering sympathy' stage and moving well into Too Much Information. I'll catch up as soon as I can with the good stuff. After I can sit easier. Y'all take care.

Yeah, yeah - life is good, but damn!

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