June 15th

I've got the best excuse yet for being late with posts, gentle readers. A week or so ago Chloe and I went to the Aurora Cinema Grill and prior to the showing of Memento - an excellent Guy Pearce movie - we saw the trailer for the upcoming live action film of Harry Potter. I'd paid no attention previously, as I thought it was merely some children's book that for some reason the sillys of the Religious Right hated. One glimpse of the fantastic world in the trailer and I immediately knew I'd have to see the movie. Any movie that taught tolerance for witches is ok in my world. Chloe then told me that she had all four of the books released so far, which I promptly borrowed. The best example of where my time has gone? Going to bed the first night, already late to bed and needing sleep for work - and I finished 167 pages of the first book prior to dropping off to sleep. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Chloe is on vacation right now, and we're using the pale substitute of ICQ until she returns. Just prior to her departure, however, was a night of bi-poly-bliss. She and Kevin and I spent the evening together at the Erotic Massage party and gads, but it was marvelous! The erotic massage is rapidly becoming one of the favorite events at the Wet Spot so I volunteered the three of us to get there early to help with set up. Kevin brought his own massage table, so we didn't have to scramble with the crowd to get our own space. A coin flip settled our sequence - first Chloe, then Kevin, and lastly myself. Too many of the details are lost in a blur of pleasure, but isolated moments come back to me. When Chloe was on the table one golden moment of Kev and I standing on either side of the table, each with a hand inside her, our hands flat against each other and then we alternated our in's and out's I do believe she had at least three of those train wreck style orgasms before her turn on the table was over. ...After they each had an hour or more on the table it was my turn, and it got fairly timeless after that. Each of us had asked for what we wanted [good training!] ... towards the end all I remember is arching, seeing stars, and then making a noise of some sort loud enough that the entire rest of the room stopped their massages and gave me a round of applause. I wasn't close enough to being in my body to even feel embarrassed.

After the massages tapered off, the slap'n'tickle in the shower room was nearly as much fun in a slightly less sensual way. They have a couple of the shower massage hoses attached now so there was a lot of spray and water pulse and fun.

The next morning, Chloe left on vacation, hopefully with the warm thoughts and best wishes of those loved ones left behind indelible in her memories.

I sincerely wish her every wonderful experience on vacation, and that the memories of just how good life is ensure that she makes her return flight on schedule.

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