June 4th

Another weekend recap.

Of course, right now I'm halfway through my 'weekend'. Due to the peculiarities of my Other Job, I have a seven-day weekend right now. Since I work twelve-hour shifts there I ended up working Mon Tues & Wed this last week and Thurs Fri & Sat the coming week. Weirder than tits on a duck, but it really cuts down on using my vacation time.

When last seen, Chloe was having another ecstatic evening with Kevin and I. Thursday, the 31st, she and I went to Safeco Field to see the incredible 2001 Seattle Mariners. Apparently deep in her past Chloe had been an avid fan in her hometown, but this was her first time here in Seattle. Have you ever seen a kid their first time at Disneyland? Gads, it was marvelous. Garlic fries and just a few rows up from Cal Ripkin and the entire excitement of 45,000 fans around you jumping up and down and yelling and, I gotta admit, an hour wait in the parking garage prior to even bothering to start the car. We gotta do it again. I dropped her at her place to get a minimum of sleep prior to departing at oh-dark-thirty for a family affair out of town. As I write this Sunday evening she just got home to surprise anniversary presents from her husband, and I'll see her tomorrow afternoon.

So, Friday was spent mostly catching up on sleep and doing site reviews, except for the fun part where Kevin came over and I helped him enjoy himself a skosh bit. Amazing the little impulses that come out when his wife and my girlfriend are out of town. Heh.

I had had a call from Boop earlier in the week asking me if I'd teach her some stuff about piercing, and that she had a stunt bottom to learn on. I committed both to serve as Dungeon Monitor for the Wet Spot for Saturday [Satyr Day, according to Georgette, the Wet Spot Director], and also that I would help out Boop earlier in the evening.

Saturday evening I got to the Spot 9ish and schmoozed a bit. Boop, looking very attractive in her black leather corset, was already teamed up with Cowgirl, doing some fairly advanced torture on Cowboy. They had a tarp duct taped down on the floor, had him tied down face down on a padded sawhorse, tied down by ropes to his wrists, ankles, and scrotum. When I walked in they were dipping what looked like a lollypop in a hot wax dip and butt-fucking him with it. That's what I call starting out at a full tilt boogie. Boop told me they'd be ready for me in about 15-20 minutes, so Kev and I went into the Messy Room and got it ready for a little bit of blood.

We duct taped a bed sheet to the massage table and got all set with gloves and sharps container and cleansing supplies. Da Blonde and her girlfriend stopped by and Kev and I got distracted from our set up by the immediate necessity to flirt and stuff. We tested out some heavy metal and incredibly sharp screw-tightened calipers on her and sure enough, they hurt like a mutha. She liked it. I left her with a 2" square of duct tape on each nipple, to be collected later.

When Cowboy and the two girls arrived I told them to go get hydrated and clear their heads and stuff. I wanted to make sure that he was able to make coherent responses once we started. Cowboy said that in the past he had enjoyed scrotal and foreskin piercings so that's where we started. Through the whole thing I was instructing Boop and having her mirror my actions. We started with some miscellaneous piercings on the scrotum, along with the very real cautions necessary to do this sort of thing. We did several different needles through various parts of his scrotal sac, avoiding anything inside the scrotum of course, and then moved up to the foreskin. Back and forth across the closed foreskin - after cleaning underneath - more or less made a needle-formed version of the bars of a cage preventing his dick from coming out. That, of course, was when we started massaging the dick itself, reaching down to the bottom of the base of his dick shaft to tickle the prostate, and in general make it rough to tolerate having a sheathed dick. Good fun. Once that was done we de-needled him and sprayed him liberally with alcohol; purely in the interests of cleanliness, of course. Heh.

Another little bit of hydration and we had him flip over onto his belly for the special request piece for Cowgirl. It turned out to be a very very intense work, one of the most challenging I've seen for all of its simplicity. We simply needled a pattern on his glut cheeks of her initials, and then laced the pattern with silver Mylar ribbon to make it nice and pretty. We had to stop several times and it took several breaks for him to continually gather himself. I had no idea how overwhelming it might be - it's not an area I've generally pierced. Just as we started the lacing Boop suddenly went pale and diaphoretic and we had to sit her down and put Kev in charge of seeing her through a sudden shock, perhaps due to having been laced in her corset too tight, too long.

Just about as I ended the piercings and Cowgirl got her photos I heard it was midnight, so I segued from vampire instructor to DM. I just picked up my badge and flashlight and radio when Da Blonde stopped me and reminded me that she had been borrowing some of my duct tape, so I ripped them off of her nipples, she swooned and then went off to play with her girlfriend, and I went on duty. Other than realizing just how incredibly stupid I had to have been for wearing my moccasins in when I would have to be on my feet for three hours - including walking the outside circuit of the building in the rain - other than that, the evening was fairly benign.

Now, one thing that had happily happened on Saturday afternoon was an ICQ from Panther asking me if I had plans for Sunday afternoon. I had been invited over to Aubrey's to be a test eater for a new waffle iron, but I'm afraid Panther's offer of joining her, husband Viktor, and their girlfriend Annika for first row club level seats at Safeco trumped that. Viktor had four tickets and a free parking pass, all a freebie from his job. I got home after DMing till 3am and diddlyfarted around awake til about 4:30. Alarm was set for 10:30 for a noon rendezvous, but that wasn't needed - I was awake every 30-60 minutes all friggin night long. Panther and family picked me up right about on time and we had a ball doing garlic fries and watching the Mariners trample Tampa Bay again.

Now tonight I caught a nap for a couple hours before late cooking and writing up this recap. I'm about to take appropriate steps to sleep till I naturally awake, and Monday will be seeing Chloe, who returned to town this evening. That's more or less where I started this tale, so let me once again affirm just how lucky I am to have a life this rich and good, and I'll write more soon.

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