June 26th 2000

Oh, my gawd. Sleep deprivation and over stimulation and does Peter ever have an exhausted body! I've sat here most of the night of and on napping at the monitor.

But I'm ahead of myself.

Saturday evening I planned on getting home early, just stop in at the Wet Spot long enough to schmooze a tad bit. I had committed to helping Al D with his booth at the festival up in Volunteer Park at the end of the Pride Parade. It's what I've done for 3-4 years now. Anyhow, early in the evening I met Shey and her sister-in-law for dinner. Since I've begun playing with both of them - both lovely and fun ladies- and they are family by marriage to each other, we're looking at boundaries, comfort levels, negotiations, etc. Making sure that everything is everything for everyone, so to speak. Nice dinner at my favorite vegetarian restaurant. Stopped by Al's house on the way over to the Spot and damned if I didn't end up schmoozing there with a bunch of friends for an hour. I got over to the Spot finally around 1030pm or so, did some mondo schmoozing, and ended up wandering back to the quiet no-voyeurs-allowed room with Shey for some snuggling and general fooling around. That turned into an hour or so of real fun. I got some rather interesting comments from a couple of friends when I went from "...just saying hi, gotta get to sleep early...", to disappearing, to being seen naked walking out to the bathroom an hour later. No regrets.

I eventually got on home and finally got to bed around 230am, alarm set for 630. Ay-fucking-em. I decided that this day, projected to be in the 80s, was not a day to wear my leather. Since I was the aftercare person for piercing I put on shorts, a surgical scrub shirt, and my stethoscope around my neck for accessorizing. Comfort was the word of the day. Argh - we unloaded two complete pick-up loads of stuff, set up the booth as a complete clean piercing parlor, and settled in. Al, myself, his apprentice, a lovely lady piercer from out of town and her apprentice helping out, and one or two other friends helping out. By noon or so we did nothing, but around 1pm we got slammed. Between 1-5pm we punched around 60 holes in over 40 people. At least a dozen of whom got white-faced, dizzy, light-headed and required my kind services in some manner. Mostly pushed a lot of juice.

And, of course, did the usual. Greeted old friends I rarely see, watched the incredible eye-candy, slathered my tattoos with sunblock, shoved down vendor grease-bombs, picked up a new yearly crop of free pens, condoms & lube, refrigerator magnets, and bought a couple of new neato-keano tshirts.

We packed up, every one of us exhausted, and went on back to Al's house. I rested my weary ass for a few minutes and headed up to my local Chinese for carry-out. Even then I couldn't go off duty. I overheard the bartender tell a couple of girls at the bar where she got her nose pierced and I couldn't let it pass - I had to give them each a promo pen from Al's shop, to save them from the potential error of their ways in the shop she'd mentioned.

I couldn't make it all the way through my shrimp egg foo yung. I ended up sleeping from about 830pm til midnight or so and then staggered back up to the keyboard here. I have to stay up Sunday nights so I can sleep all day monday so I can go to my Other Job monday night. I wrote a review or two tonite for Janes Guide and ground to a halt. Tried to watch a video of Romeo and Juliet but couldn't work up a give-a-shit about Leonardo and his fair maiden and I'll be off to bed around dawn.

It's been a wonderful weekend, and one of my most exhausting. Made new friends, shared orgasms, helped strangers in need, and had about 10% of the sleep I needed for health. Ah, well, two days of work at the Other Job this week and then on to the long weekend of LIL.

Over the next couple of days, in addition to a pair of 12 hour shifts, I have to pack clothes and toys for a week's play, work, and decadence.

Life is so good, I couldn't survive it being a helluvalot better.

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