June 8th 2000

Well, da blond just came over for her first play piercing experience, and it was a great time. Turned out to be much much more than she had thought it would be, in a very good way.

She arrived a bit late, having spent the day filming bondage videos and having to take the delectable young thang home that she'd been filming/salivating over all day. Arrived with a bit of a top buzz still in place, and that served well for already-done foreplay.

We chatted for a while, first time she'd been to my cave and only our second play date, I put out munchie platters and we generally schmoozed ourselves into a comfie state.

That was when we moved in to the sling room. She shed all her clothes and I applied wrist restraints and put her feet out in a spreader bar. Once secured, I broke out the diabolical Garden Weasel! It never fails to make 'em wince and laugh at the same time. The ice was certainly broken. I turned off the Pavarotti and turned on Mickey Hart's "Music to be Born By", turned down the lights and lit all the candles.

I forget all the little steps we explored along the way and just what sequences they followed. We worked with sensation play, warming up the skin and pinking things up, getting the vasculature all ready to be punctured. Wartenberg wheel, nipple clamps, this'n'that. Cleaned the skin up and it was time.

I broke out a lancet and danced all over both breasts,drawing little droplets of blood like bright wet freckles. Dipped a finger in it and let her taste it. We were started. Once I started putting the needles through her flesh she was gone. Gaga. Into the clouds. Gorked. I only put a total of a half dozen or so in, some over and under mandala lacing and one 30guage 1/2 incher straight in. It didn't matter how many. It was the mere act, the opening of the flesh, the releasing of the bodily fluids, the trust, the penetration, the piercing experience. By the time I stopped inserting them and started massaging her clit [it was a logical progression at the time] she had untied one of her hands and was reaching up to stroke the needles herself.

We have ourselves a new bloodslut here, no doubts at all in my mind.

She had mentioned earlier how much she enjoyed wax, so I segued over to dripping a couple of different colors wax all over her, gave her a chance to enjoy wearing the needles and using the endorphines.

When it was time for the needles to come out, I showed her some of the various ways for them to come out - for more or less bleeding, for more or less sensation, for more or less bruising.

While she caught her breath, I got a chair. And a bottle of lube. And fresh gloves. Sat down at the foot of the sling, and proceeded to fist her right up to a whole lot of screaming and thrashing and moaning and drooling and grabbing herself and then some and then some more... it was marvelous.

It's really hard to say just how exciting it is to be honored to initiate someone into something that you know is going to be a significant erotic, spiritual, soul/brain/cunt connection for them for some time to come. As with Kevin, Panther, Omaha, and several others of my partners, this woman truly embraces the Goddess, and I'm privileged to journey some of her exploring with her.

Life is very good.

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