July 10th

And a very happy 56th birthday to myself yesterday. July 9th, 1949.

Let me tell y'all about how to give a slut a day to remember.

I started the day off sleeping in a good bit. I'd treated myself to a damn good cup of coffee after dinner Friday night, something I've had to cut back on. Ten years ago I'd drink coffee in bed reading myself to sleep, and it wouldn't disturb my sleep at all. This last Friday night I was up til 2:30 am after that damn good cup of coffee, and the phone woke me around 10:30 am Saturday morning. I started the birthday day off with a bit of morning coffee and self worship, then drove down to pick up Ealain from her volunteer shift at the Northwest Film Forum. She recently completed her finishing touches on Love Letters: A Portrait of the Queen Bees, a feature-length documentary, and submitted it for consideration for the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Festival. The NWFF's help was indispensible. She volunteers there and they allow her to check out much needed equipment. We are very lucky to have them here in Seattle.

Lunch was a fantastic bacon cheeseburger at Hattie's Hat in Ballard. I'd been there once before when we hosted Susie Bright to dinner years ago, but Ealain hadn't been before. The place has been a restaurant for about 100 years, in one incarnation or another, and they do know how to do a decent flame-cooked burger.

After lunch we wandered a second hand music store and then headed on up to the Majestic Bay theatre a few blocks away in Ballard. Another ancient Ballard institution [although completely rehabbed, which Hattie's has definitely not been], it's one of Ealain's favorite theaters. Batman Begins was immensely enjoyable. Very well done movie - kudos all around with the exception of the lackluster and now dearly departed Ms. Holmes.

We tried to find a few things in a vague wander through of Value Village, then stopped at home to feed Littleone and headed on down to dinner at Chen's Village. They are so dependable there - decent Chinese food, never a touch of MSG, and very close to the Wet Spot.

Before we headed over to the Spot, however, we had a mission. Ealain and I had both decided that butt fucking would indeed occur and we needed to pick up a couple of disposable enema bottles. It took three stores, believe it or not, before we could find them and then the clerk mispriced them, and ultimately gave them to me for free due to his error. Now, I may be pretty 'out' here, but when the entire line at the grocer's checkout has to wait while the checker and you go over to the personal care section to compare prices on enema bottles, you've had more of your 15 minutes of fame than you may have wished.

And on to the fun stuff. We went into one of the back rooms at the Spot and I put Ealain face down on a spanking bench with a couple pair of my Peerless ankle shackles. One pair joining her wrists together around the bench, and another pair joining her ankles similarly. We've found that lot of touch, skin to skin, in a long and slow warming up, makes our play work. I started barehanded, touching her all over, soft loving touch, and segued to similar touch but wearing black leather gauntlet gloves. I built up my touch, built up the energy, and moved to patting, then spanking, then punching her butt and thighs. The energy kept rising, and then I slipped one glove off while keeping up the spanking with the other, and slipped a medical glove on and lubed up. While I kept the one leather-clad hand spanking I started tickling her little rosebud with the other, more and more until I was fucking her ass with my fingers and spanking with my other hand. Once her butt was done I cleaned up to prevent cross-contamination and then regloved both hands in nitrile and gave her pussy as much loving attention as her butt had enjoyed and more. Good fun.

We cleaned up that space and she headed around to the other back room to claim a bed. She had offered me a nice long back rub and then some butt fucking in one of the slings. While I grabbed a soda pop and a dixie cup of M&M's, she was setting up. When I got back to the sex room to join her I was pleasantly surprised to find Linus there!

Let me back up for a moment and tell you about birthday wishes and loved ones. Earlier I had mentioned to her that my muse a few months back about my birthday was to recreate one of the puppypiles I remembered so fondly from my days back when I was a swinger. Half a dozen warm friendly different people all rubbing flesh on flesh on each other... such happy memories. That's what most Saturday nights were like for me for over a decade back in the 80's. I'd actually had the thought some time ago that it would be a happiness to recreate but had forgotten to mention it to her until that morning. We both chuckled and she said that she'd love to arrange it for me, but it would take a while. Little did I know that she did manage to reach out to Linus, who was nice enough to arrive with a bottle of massage oil in hand, enthusiastically ready to take his part. Gads, but I was so honored by the both of them.

That's indeed where my birthday party started turning into la-la land. I lay on my belly for probably at least a good half hour or more while four loving hands caressed warmed massage oil into every bit of my back, neck arms, feet - everything they could reach. I'd consciously turned off my thinking machine when the first drop of oil struck my lumbar region, and was a melted bit of fleshputty by the time it was time to turn over. I wasn't too coherent, mostly making ummm's and ahhh's. They made my front side as happy as my back side, and then while Ealain was getting everything ready over on the other side of the room at the sling, Linus had me turn back over onto my belly and started doing these really incredible long arm and full body massage strokes of my entire body, leading up to some wonderful loving massage all around my rosebud region. I had such a hungry butt by the time I got into the sling and put my feet in the stirrups. In truth, it had taken both of them to get me the 10' from bed to sling without walking into walls. She started lubing up my rear aperture while Linus was touching and caressing me and licking on my nipples. She started with one and then two fingers, and before too long was using her largest dildo and all I could do was call out "more... harder... more more... harder harder..." and I had several feral orgasms where I know that the folks in the next county had to hear my shout-outs. After I settled back down and got ready again I asked Linus to trade places and use his well trained fingers, and it was happy but in a short little while my rosebud said stop. When your butt says 'no more', you have to listen to it, so I made a date with Linus for the Dykes'n'Fags party coming up the 29th to pick up where we left off. [Ealain has a date for the same party with a beautiful redheaded friend of mine - their first play date and I couldn't be happier.] I was staggering as I left, and she wisely grabbed my car keys and drove us back to her place. I believe I was snoring within about 18 seconds of saying my good nights.

This morning Ealain and I met my dad at Sunlight Cafe for a final birthday event, waffles and huevos rancheros and giving Dad only the barest of highlights of what I've just detailed for the rest of you [saw a movie... saw some friends... got a great back rub....]. And yup - life is quite good.

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