July 28th

Just a short little update. It has been so long I didn't want to get totally out of the habit. This time I guess I can blame it on the unexpectedly hot summer we're having. First time I've used air conditioning in the car in years and years.

I can't encompass a month in an update and won't try. Here's a couple of recent highlights.

A week ago Catsy and I rode up to see Dad at his retirement facility, and we had dinner with him in the dining room. He has a kitchen in his studio apartment, but he just isn't cooking. Now I understand - after starting at the salad bar we had a choice of two entrees; Dad and I had the Cornish Game Hen while Catsy had a pasta. I had a cup of French onion soup. I forget the steamed vegetables, but they were tasty and garlic bread on the side. Afterwards was fresh baked apple/rhubarb pie. I wouldn't cook that often myself!

This past Friday evening was the July 25th Erotic City party at the Spot, with the theme of "Christmas in July". I've been Santa at most of the Wet Spot events for the past several years and this was no exception. Lemme tell you - a thoroughly polyester uniform that includes a maximally itching beard and wig is not something you want to wear a long time. I came on out to a chair in the middle of the dance floor and had a line of boys and girls sit on my lap and tell me just how bad they've been since the last time they saw Santa. Of course, they all assured me that they had been as bad as they could, and I had a little present of some sort to give to each one. After getting rid of the costume [I only wore the boots, shirt, belt, hat, and plastic beard] I went back and helped out with running the Sybian a couple of times. The first lady who rode it was pretty incredible - her legs and nether bits were still spasming long after her ride as her hubby led her off to rest. The second girl also had a very intense ride, although briefer than some of her prior rides. We decided to continue with happy making so we went into the back and found an empty bed. We had a lot of fun pleasing each other, but it did get a bit silly at one point. In the bed next to us, separated by a curtain, we heard a girl's voice say something like, "More more harder harder" - and then a bang and a crash. I guess the girl in the next bundle over got it more and harder to the point of the entire curtain and it's apparatus being pulled down. Truly a Kodak moment.

Sunday I was an assistant instructor for an advanced bloodsports class from lunch til dinner. We taught a bit of suturing and blood draws and suchlike. A long day but seemed worthwhile for all involved. Later last night there was a bloodsports party at the Spot. I was a Monitor for the first several hours and there were some fine - extreme, but fine - scenes to watch. A girl named Tanya - tall, voluptuous, gothic - and I had a brief cutting and fisting scene a week or two ago on the spur of the moment. Last night she was scheduled to start at cashier at the same time I was scheduled to end my DM shift, so we begged a bit of a gap. I did a quickie bit of suturing; - which was a first time experience for her. A couple of stitches over the left breast, a handful of beads strung on the thread, and then a couple of stitches over the right breast. Just a half dozen or so punctures, but she was so fucking high, total ga ga. I looked between her legs and she was so wet that her thighs were sticking together, so I grabbed fresh gloves and did what seemed appropriate. She is one of these people who don't have one orgasm - she has rolling orgasms as long as she can take it. Pretty wowza stuff to work with. We went with that until she totally ran out of gas, and I never once had to add lube. Once she recovered I got up on the table and she returned the favor to the point of my passing out momentarily - always a good orgasm. And we were quick! She was only 10 minutes late for her shift and wore her necklace all evening. I cut the necklace off and gave it to her as a souvenir as I was leaving.

My doc was out of town today so it was another lazy day. I slept in, did some website reviews, got some chores done, put in about half a day at work, and watched the M's lose tonight. Worse, however, is that I went into E-bay for the first time in years and now I'm watching three different items I've bid on. Tomorrow is back to the grind at work and tomorrow night I'm going to go help Shawn paint her new place. It's been too long since I've seen her and since I couldn't help her move, I'm more than glad to help as I can.

Life is indeed good. See y'all soon.

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