July 4th

I've got a few updates since I haven't felt like writing much lately, but first I gotta rave about what a great time I had at a little impromptu orgy a couple days ago.

Shawn and I had gotten together a few days before and we were both just too damn hot and tired to make much of a successful whoopee. She invited me back out for Wednesday evening, and told me that her friend Bub would be there. She had also mentioned another girl being there, Décolletage, but I hadn't really connected the name with the person. I was thinking she was referring to another lady friend of Bub's, but I've actually known Décolletage for quite a few years. Lusted after her in my own quiet way, actually, but we just didn't cross paths much and I hadn't realized it was she that Shawn was referring to.

I had had a terrible day at work Wednesday. Had a very troubled patient who I could not make any inroads with and he in fact stomped out of the office for a while. My boss finished him up and later told me how it wasn't my fault, that it was this kid's baggage, but I still felt lousy for quite a while. I was thinking of begging off of going out to Shawn's and just sit home and sulk, but I made the right decision and headed out there.

Shawn's kids are gone for a while and I was greeted by a beautiful naked Shawn at the door, and a few minutes later Bub and Décolletage [I'll just call her Deco for short here - she is so stunning in those deep medieval necklines...] ... Bub and Deco came out of the back and I was very very surprised to see her there.

Shawn and I have talked about her. I've lusted for her as I said - I think she's very sexy - and Shawn is still very early in her curiosity about other girls. She is terminally shy about it. I had joked with her about her inviting Deco over and my helping her to get over her girl/girl shyness, but she was nervous and said no no no. Now - a week later - here it is!

Deco is very experienced with other girls, but said that she wasn't that experienced in being a slut. Shawn is not very experienced with other girls, but she's learning sluthood well. And Bub was there to be a service bottom [he started off giving me a nice foot rub].

All in all, this get together sounded pretty doggone good to me. We sat around all nekkid eating enchiladas for a little while, and then Shawn said, "Anyone for desert?" She got out a can of RediWhip and put a big squoosh of whipping on each of Deco's nipples, which I was forced to consume. I demanded that Deco then consume all the whipped cream that had gotten on my beard and mustache. I then grabbed the can and put similar dollops on Shawn's nipples, and then stood behind her holding her in a light gesture of a hold [my arms were actually around her, holding up and aiming her boobs] so Deco could clean her off. I then tried a joke by putting a bit of whip on the end of my [then wonderfully erect] dick, but it fell on the carpet. Luckily, it wasn't a deflating gesture. Next thing I knew I was laying on my back, whipped cream on my dick, and first Shawn, then Shawn and Bub, and ultimately all three of them giving me heavenly head, and Shawn had her gloved fingers pounding on Mr Prostate. I hit my peak several times without actually splooging at all and it was soooooooo good. I'd forgotten what it was like to have bunches of people going down on me at the same time. Wheeeee.

We did a bunch of different configurations after that. First Bub went down on Deco, and Shawn and I pretty much just gawked and enjoyed watching her orgasm. I repeated to her what she had said to me when I was on the carpet, "I do so like to watch people come!" A little after that, while Deco was recovering from a melted state on the couch I got out gloves, lube, and the Hitachi. I was so damn slippery with the lube I couldn't hold onto the Hitachi with one hand while fisting Shawn with the other, so I got Deco to come hold the wand on Shawn's clit while I was pounding on her cervix with my left fist. Oh, yum, and she ended up going into one of those whole body orgasms that are so much fun to be close to. She thanked Deco after - it was yet one step further for her to sharing play with another girl.

Later Shawn was telling Bub to masturbate. The fellow has a dick the size of a nerf bat, and when he lies down on his belly it sticks out beside his hip. He spent quite a bit of time just doing that - masturbating against the towel that was under him with belly rubs and I was so envious. Shawn bet him that she could get off faster than he could, and grabbed the Hitachi for a solo trip that was quick, powerful, and quite satisfying, according to her. And far faster than Bub.

A little later Deco finally decided she needed to know what the wand felt like herself so after she got started for about five minutes I offered to hold it, and I was able to help her to hit another one of those oh-god-oh-god points. I have no doubt she'll be buying her own shortly.

Oh, there was much more. There was a bit of flogging here and there, and some rope work. I tasted Shawn and Deco both and pronounced them both absolutely differently tasting and both wonderfully tasting. Shawn tasted a bit more redhead than Deco, but both were tasty.

And how did we end the evening? Like all good adults, sitting around reading Fox in Sox by Dr. Seuss! They were all going to snuggle together in Shawn's big bed and I was certainly invited, but I just knew I'd better sleep at home in order to make sure I got to work on time.

I slept at home. I was still late to work....



Sis has returned to Boston now, and her visit was very productive. She and Dad went out and found him a retirement home that grants him the independence and dignity he deserves, but offers the community and resources that he needs. He has his own studio apartment, and it's a Cadillac sort of facility and we got him moved in within a week of finding the place. He had been 10 miles out of town, and is now half a mile from his dialysis. He is already thriving there. It's very comforting.

Other than family holidays Sis and I have never spent that much time together. From childhood she was always the straight one and I've always been the cowboy, but I think we both gained respect and feelings for the other working together with and for Dad. I called her up after she got home and commented on it to her, and how good it felt. We're quite lucky in that everyone in the family as far as you can see is out to help each other and do whatever is the right thing. None of the scrapping over assets or power or the sorts of nonsense you see all around. We both noticed the same, and are both quite grateful.



I've probably glossed over and skipped important stuff, but I covered family and sexual high points. Debts are due, I'm helping Catsy make college plans, I did get a little serendipitous fisting done at the Spot a while back, my EEG was boringly normal, work is generally quite good, and so forth, blahblahblah.

I think I've definitely cited sufficient above to justify a solid Life Is Good, though.

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