July 30th


Isn't comfort such a comforting word? Comfort food, comfort books, comfort socks.

I've had a silent pissing match with NetFlix for a while and finally decided to get over it. A couple of months ago I got Samurai I and Samurai III in the mail. Since Toshiro Mifune is my favorite actor in the whole world [and he is tattooed between my shoulder blades] I was pretty happy. I figured that Samurai II would come shortly but they kept sending me other things off my pending queue. Finally I sent a letter requesting they send Samurai II next and explaining. Six String Samurai starring Jeffrey Falcon was the next film to arrive. Knowing that any action would involve destruction, I just left all of 'em on the shelf for a couple of months before bundling all three into an envelope with a cover letter explaining the situation. Next to arrive in the mail was Samurai II.

I returned it with a rather explicit and succinct letter of explanation. To their credit, a real human being finally answered my note, gave me some credit, and got things going again. Tonight, joy of joys, I got to watch an old comfort film through the wonders of NetFlix, Uncle Buck. John Candy at his prime, Jean Louisa Kelly in her premiere [you later loved her as Rowena in Mr Holland's Opus], Gaby Hoffman before she grew up and Amy Madigan as quirky as ever. It's like eating mashed potatoes. It's being smothered in a grandmother's hug. It's like a faded set of flannel sheets. It's the Blue Danube. It's those jeans Mom always tried to throw away.

Still to come on my queue from NetFlix that qualify as comfort movies -- Chicken Run, Horse Feathers, South Pacific, Some Like It Hot, Seven Year Itch.

[And now that I have my one complaint straightened out with them, let me say again that NetFlix is a great deal for those of us who are compulsive on our cinemaphilia.]

I leapfrogged from that queue to looking through my own DVD collection for films I'd consider comfort food [to me - Goddess only knows this is a totally subjective label]. Here's some titles for y'all to consider.

A Knight's Tale



Billy Elliott

Blazing Saddles

Boondock Saints

Cool Running

Dirty Dancing

Fidler on the Roof

Fly Away Home

Guys & Dolls

Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Magnificent Seven

Never Cry Wolf

Quigley Down Under


Three Amigos

I got tired of digging up links. Y'all can find what you want to know about the above movies at the Internet Movie Data Base, and of course I'm not going to argue my choices with you.

I like comfort.

[[Gads - my spell check wanted to change 'Quigley Down Under' to 'Quiche Down Under'... I hope Selleck forgives me.]]


I may or may not get anything posted in the next few days, as I'm leaving Friday for another Adventure With Customs Agents. Yup. Another trip up to visit Katt & Wolfe in Vancouver BC. Some friends of theirs are throwing a party Saturday night that sounds like a lot of good old fashioned sluttish fun, and Friday evening Katt and I are going to visit the Dark Side - that's all I'm going to say now. Hopefully Sunday or Monday I'll have a blow by blow update posted.

If I'm not back in a few weeks, tell my family that my last words were Life Is Good!


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