July 22nd

Well, after posting that fine shit-stirring rant a few days ago I headed down to Blockbuster to find a copy of Tailgunner Joe. By the time I got to the local shop, however, the cloud of imminent doom and gloom coming from researching Joe McCarthy, Roy Cohn, the Shrub, and Reverend Ashcroft pretty well caught up with me. I opted for Natasha Lyonne instead. Frankly, if this movie had been out when Joe and Roy and the boys were hitting the bushes in DC back in the early 50's, it might have helped them.


I'm working on maintaining that lighten up. As I type this, I'm watching Nicely-Nicely doing contrapuntal bookmaking with Fugue for Tinhorns. It's a happy thing.


I didn't know if I would make it or not Saturday evening. Normally I go to the Wet Spot or to a party or date and that's the evening. This time I had to skip all over town. DragonLady started things off with a birthday BBQ held over at Sol's. I brought some burgers and everyone else had brought something including one lady who brought a large bag of oysters. Large oysters. Oh, goodness, I had to leave there just to stop grabbing hot oysters off the grill. Damn they were good.

From there I headed over to the Spot where Sabra had just finished her orientation. We went down to Chen's Village for a cuppa and a chat.

Up to that point I was only running about 45 minutes behind my schedule. Unfortunately, between the Wet Spot and my final stop was Bite Of Seattle. Driving past the Seattle Center was just about the stupidest thing I could think to do. I bailed halfway up the hill and went all the way damn near to Pioneer Square and around to finally get to Elizabeth's house. She was throwing a Happy Divorce party. I'd never been to her house before, however when I got to the right block it was easy to tell I wasn't lost - there were several cop cars with lights blinking, and Officer Friendly was taking statements from a large assortment of dykes I know. Seems a hit and run driver had just come through the neighborhood and torn some bumpers off. Finally I knew I was late for a reason.

She was a gracious host, and I got a chance to chat with friends I rarely see, and Jim and I spent a good bit of time chatting about this'n'that. For folks who work together, I see him too rarely. Nice relaxing time well wasted.


Today, Sunday, Catsy was going to come over for dinner and to fix my scanner, but begged off due to pure exhaustion, so we rescheduled for Monday. With all this free time suddenly on my hands, and a beeeyoootiful day out, I got in the car and just headed north on Hwy 99. No destination, no goal, no anything. Hit a few thrift stores and pawn shops along the way, but got somewhere north of Everett and turned around, my mid afternoon extremely diaphoretic mission suddenly becoming crystal clear. Pulling into a DQ I told the girl, "I'll tell you what I want, and you tell me how much money it adds up to. Please give me your largest glass, with two large scoops of chocolate ice cream, and fill it with root beer. I'll need a spoon and straw both, please."

Oh, my lawsie - I'm certain something that tastes that good on a 90o day has to be illegal in most states in the Bible Belt. Yowsa.

That's what they mean by the lazy hazy crazy days of summer. Lots of low key fun through the weekend, but the Life Is Good Moment was that first slurp on that ice cold root beer float over chocolate ice cream. It erases a ton of real world worries, for just long enough for you to realize there are more important things to do than focus on said 'real world'.

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