July 7th

Ted Williams, R.I.P.

1918 - 2002

And, in his honor, let me say loud and clear:


A nice pleasant weekend, very low stress. Saturday afternoon I had an enjoyable lunch with a friend, lazing around the Sunlight Cafe for hours. The evening was similar - sitting around the Wet Spot schmoozing with friends and strangers. I got home before too late and set the alarms for Sunday morning, but didn't need em. I took my meds at the wrong time and woke up off and on all night long. One more nudge to a regular pattern..

Sunday was worth getting up for, though. I hit the road about 10am and drove on down to East BFE to see my smutsister, Vamp. Prolific thing that she is, she reviews sites here for Janes Guide like I do, and also keeps up a long view journal here, and a instant gratification LifeJournal here. [She posted her version of today's adventures before I was 20 miles up the road heading home.] We have been friends for years, and then adopted each other as smutsister and smutbrother a while back when she joined the JG team. The only problem is that, as I mentioned, she lives in East BFE, and doesn't drive. It had been way too long, so we decided to do a day of whatever together.

Let me insert my usual obligatory whiney grump about the traffic between here and there. [/grump]

She met me at my car, muttering something about someone inside turning to velcro if we went back in, so we huddled at the car for a few moments exchanging gifts. She got me some nice stuff for my birthday this week, and I brought her a bag full of stuff from Pride. We both got a bit giggly and tickled over the other's thoughtfulness, then hit the roads. First stop was an outlet mall and I started filling a basket with local products - smoky garlic mustard, horseradish mustard, and a Walla Walla onion and peppercorn dressing. I picked up an unabridged book on tape for Dad for when he starts his 3 hour dialysis sessions. We did the matinee showing of Men In Black II, which was better than the reviews I'd heard. Even better than the movie was the thrift store we wandered through while we were waiting for showtime. We were just literally marking time when I noticed a side room with a little sign on a cabinet labeled MEDICAL SUPPLIES. The top of the bureau was filled with bundles of diapers, but that isn't my play, so I looked in the drawers. Bounty! I found a home cervical traction kit for a buck and a half. A handful of yankeur tips for my suction machine for 19c each. A cervical collar and a nasal canula and a few other doodads for pennies each, but the real find was a Littmann stethoscope that retails for $150 on up --- for 99c. My arms were full when I saw an antique wheelchair sitting back there. It was more than a wheelchair - it tilts and has leg supports and stuff all closer to dental chair in function than wheelchair, and it should serve well in my slingroom. I couldn't find a price on it and the girl from behind the counter made an executive decision that it was worth $29.95 today. Sold, in a heartbeat. Then they told me they could only hold it seven days. Unfortunately, my trunk was filled with toybags I hadn't unloaded in a week or three, so Vamp will be picking it up for me in the next few days, and I'll pick it up from her shortly. All in all, for the whole find I got? $38 including tax. Like I'd been telling her, ya just never know what you'll find in a thrift store.

Now, our whole day had sprung from a comment of mine about, "So, wanna do lunch?" Mid movie my stomach started growling despite the popcorn, so after the movie I asked Vamp for the best restaurant in the area. Ahem. Well. Uh - ya know, that was a damn good soup and salad I had at Sheri's.... Seriously, it was marvelous for me to share breaking bread with Vamp. She's mentioned in her journal now and then that she rarely eats with people - that's just her personal thing and no one else's business. This was the first time in all the many years I've known her that she ate a meal with me instead of just watching me eat, and I was honored. We dawdled over empty plates and chatted forever. It was a rare luxury, as our lives and committments have us chained several hours apart. She's quality people.

Coda: Let me insert my usual obligatory whiney grump about traffic between here and there. [/grump]

Good friends lead to a good life.

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