July 30th

You know, there are times when I'm just so damn proud of my son I could burst. After quelling the urge to upbraid him sharply for not posting to his blog for ten days [turns out his DLS providor was tits up lousy in their reliability], tonight I get home from my day at the Other Job and found he'd not only updated, but updated marvelously! I obtained his permission to quote him in toto, and it follows...

In other news, I got my Bush Bribe Money in the mail over the weekend, that $300 that I wasn't expecting and hadn't budgeted for. Although some people are advocating donating your "tax rebates" to charities that Bush would likely Not Approve Of, I'm in the unfortunate situation of being pretty broke. So I'm wondering how this letter would go over:

Dear Mr. Bush,

I am writing in response to the $300 of bribe money--pardon me, tax relief--that you arranged for me this summer. I'd like to take the time to describe to you who I am and how I'm going to use it, and I hope you'll bear with me in this explanation.

I am one of those people you marginalize. I am bisexual, polyamorous, and I indulge in sexual practices which harm no one, but which you would prefer to see outlawed. My religious and spiritual beliefs are mine alone, arrived at through twenty-seven years of thought and consideration, and they contain very little that you would recognize in your limited Judeo-Christian view of the universe.

I have never voted for you or anyone with your limited view of right and wrong, and I never will. While you claim that this "tax relief" is designed to stimulate the economy, in truth you and I both know that this is smoke and mirrors. It is a bribe to the American people, a transparent attempt to buy their goodwill.

I can't speak for the rest of America, since apparently /almost/ half of the country was short-sighted or conservative enough to vote for you, but your bribe money will not buy my goodwill. It will, however, pay for the following:

1. A train ticket for one (unmarried) girlfriend travel to Seattle and spend the week with me.
2. Nipple piercings and jewelry for me.
3. Funds for another different (unmarried) girlfriend to move here and live with me.

On behalf of myself and said girlfriends, I would like to thank you for the $300 that will enable me to further indulge in things you would not approve of.

But don't think it lets you off the hook.

I'm still grinning, a beaming papa. The boy done me proud, and my life is indeed good.

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