July 29th

Just a short note here.

I got way behind again and when I found I was catching up on events ten days prior I wanted to be current again. Chatting with Heather this morning I realized a couple things I'd been doing. First of all, I've tried to put a lot of the full panoply of my life in here, while granting certain privacies of course, and have been fairly anal about not 'missing' writing about important things. Much of that compulsion, I'm certain, came from the original genesis of my diary - which was sitting in my counselor's office processing my life. The second thought I had this morning [both over the first cuppa coffee ... scary!] was about my not wanting to 'ignore' or 'disrespect' my friends and play partners by failing to post a commentary on the events we've gone to or the sensual gymnastics we've done. It's hard to sit here and write that without granting that it takes a pretty big ego for me to make such assumptions about friends who may or may not be the exhibitionist that I am. I mean, I know that I am the center of my universe, but it's not very politically correct to act on that without camouflaging it in some manner. Ah well.

Work at the Other Job has been ongoingly bizarre lately. When I did the scheduling I had three regular and predictable 12 hour days a week. Since someone else took it over it's become obvious that they're trying to piss me off to the degree that I either fuck up and say something inappropriate or that I simply fold my tent and go elsewhere. I know it's a malignant enough workplace, and I told management a year ago that I certainly wouldn't be sticking around forever, that it was indeed an unhealthy place to work. They didn't argue with my assessment. For now, however, I need the steady income, benefits, and quasi-predictable stability. It allows me to do the important work, which is here at Jane's Guide and some of my other sex positive work that is essentially volunteer.

Otherwise, life has been, as they say, good. Nia and I are spending as much time together as we can. As well as being play partner and lover, I'm trying to be a resource and support person for her during this her first pregnancy. We're heading out to a matinee of Planet of the Apes ... and am I the only one around who thinks first of Pierre Boulle instead of Charleton Heston? Had a wonderful play date over here in Peter's sling with Natasha. I haven't been seeing Kevin or Panther as much as I would like and am going to be looking to change that. I stopped in to Toys in Babeland the other day and picked up a humongo bottle of Eros and a vibrating butt plug, both primarily for my personal religious experiences when I'm alone. I'm continuing to shred and baggie Walla Walla's as long as they're in season. Gotta get rid of my POS Oldsmobile long ago. Annika dropped a chair off here when she moved nearby and my cat Littleone has adopted it as her personal roost. Ordinary and extraordinary life continues on, and continues for the most part most excellently good.

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