July 17th

Forget the lottery - if I could bottle the energy of NRE I could make my million. Chloe and I are continuing to enjoy it and luxuriate in it, even recognizing that it takes work. Forget my organic granola let it be hippie days - it is an involved and sweaty labor, and well worth it.

Following close on the heels of New Relationship Energy itself is the less overwhelming, yet still important, First Date Energy. In our community it's often more a situation of First PlayDate Energy, and that's what happened for me here on the evening of the 17th for Trinity and I. Trinity is a good friend of Chloe's [who has been our yenta] and is the strikingly attractive bondage model with kanji tattoos running up her spine over at James' Nawashibari. She had been in touch a little while ago about doing a bit of play, and we had dinner last week to discuss this. Given that she had surgery scheduled for the 19th I offered her a choice, to either enter the surgery with a cloud of endorphins still hovering about her, or to try first play later when she was on crutches. Smart girl, we decided to rush into things.

I had the house ready, play plans in mind, everything plotted out and nothing can go wrong...wrong...wrong. I was to pick her up at a certain bus stop near a certain bridge. We were both early, however she was at the south end of ABC bridge and I was at the south end of XYZ bridge. After driving the neighborhood for an hour I raced home to call her cell phone. She had just left a message and we were able to pick an agreed upon friend's house to meet at. I do believe I rose above the mundane need to follow speed limits and traffic signs, and brought her on back to my place, an hour or so late. She had planned to arrive fed and hydrated and ready to play but with all the sturm und drang I fed her a bowl of strawberries to make sure her sugars were up.

We had talked earlier about what we were looking to do here. She has a fine husband and several lovers and playmates, and I most certainly wasn't about to try to out-rope James! What she did mention she wanted to explore was her masochist side more deeply. That, rumor has it, is something I could help her with. The course we followed may sound a bit formulaic, as I've done similar types of play many times, however it was fresh and real moment by moment, as it occurred. Blindfold, headphones to trance out to [Tibetan bells, as Trinity's degree was in Eastern Religions], and then as much saran wrap and pallet wrap as I could fit on her well toned young body side to side and top to bottom. Respecting that this was the first time we would play, I left her mouth open to air, so she could speak if need be. I had wrapped her arms separately from her torso, and once she was both secured in the wrap and laid back in the sling, I tied off her hands to the chains above her legs, and used shackles on her ankles to do the same. She was more or less in a 'U' shape, with several of her senses controlled by me.

That's when we descended from a simple trust exercise into exercises in pain.

Beginning with gentle slapping of her breasts, thighs, arches of her feet, and other such with a wooden ruler, I moved into wax drippings. Somehow - and, sure, I would have planned it this way but it was simple serendipity - in the wrapping of her body in the plastic wrap her absolutely luscious pudenda were inadvertently left unwrapped. Call me silly, but for some reason this became one of my favorite target areas for the dripping wax. I tried to keep at least two different stimuli conflicting her at any given moment - thigh slap and a toe suck, wax drip and a nipple pinch, and so forth. I pulled a long limber knitting needle out of my cane case to focus on her nipples a bit, did a bit of abrasion play on them as well with a 16 grit sanding disk, a few large clothes pins in strategic places, also and interjected an occasional puddle from a 3' thick candle with the smaller and cooler drips of the 1/2" wide menorrah candles.

Ah. What Trinity had neglected to tell me is that she is almost stoic in her minimal facial or audible response to this sort of play. I was able to see or hear nada, other than the occasion sucking in of breath after a particularly large or hot puddle of wax. I decided it was time to segue types of sensation. I grabbed the Eros and settled in between her legs in front of the sling. Along with the random pinch or rub at the nippies, I started working on her g-spot pleasure, moving her from unpredictable pains to unexpected pleasures, in as smooth a progression as I could manage along the route to her going over the top screaming.

Having an orgasm is one thing. Having your senses and movement curtailed or controlled, and in the dark of a blindfold and the tranced state of the music, and having an unseen person pleasure you to a point of ecstacy... it can be a tad bit of an overwhelming situation.

The terror of the top however, in this sort of thing, is that until I had cut her loose, sat her up, removed the headphones, cut off the blindfold, and she slowly allowed a satiated smile to unfold - until I saw that smile I had only to hope and pray that what I had done was a right and happy thing. I gotta teach this girl how to say more of that "Oh, yeah, big guy, right there, more more harder harder, do me you stud"... or at least we need to play more so I can learn her more subtle signals. We're both looking forward to further play - and my mission is to get to know her better so I can make the play better each time for the both of us. The last thing we chatted about? Conspiring together over what unbelieveable stories we would tell Chloe about the play. Hehehehehehehehe.

As an affirmation, as a prayer, as a way of life - life is good.

Next time? Omaha, Chloe, and Saganaki....

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