July 28th

Argh, it's so strange to be waking up before noon __on purpose__. With Dad in town I'm being a Day Person, perish the thought.

I ended up at the Mariners game last night with about 1 1/2 hours sleep, and I wasn't at my best. The team lost, #1 Son and I had words and tension, and I evidently was wearing an "Asshole Magnet" sign on my back.

The asshole thing? I deal with drunks 40 hours a week. Get paid a minimally living wage for it. Why in the hell do I get forced to deal with them off duty? The whole row of seats behind us at Safeco Field last night was filled with loud and obnoxious drunks. One fellow, directly behind me, saw fit to loudly give a running - and loud and intrusively boring - commentary of what he saw through his binoculars. I had hoped that he would tire by the later innings, but no joy. Finally, around the 4th inning, I turned around and asked if he would lower his volume a bit. He kept up a non-stop commentary after that obviously meant to get me to fight his ass [In a stage whisper: "Don't cheer too loud folks; don't let that umpire yell too loud!"]. I waited til the end of the game and when leaving I apologized to him. Told him "I obviously must have been too sensitive. Since I work 40 hours a week with people that can be loud obnoxious drunks I'd had high hopes not to have to do so on my day off." Job security like that I don't need.

The tension between my son and I is of a deep and private nature, but it had this big intimidating bearlike man in tears after I dropped him at his home after the game last night. The old joke is that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - least of all, it seems, those relating to parenting. No statute of limitations on guilt, is there?

It did open things up for my Dad and I to talk. He knows just about everything about me and my life, if not in detail in sufficient enough generalities that, as I told him, "...the things about me you don't wanna know about, you know enough that if someone were to try to blackmail me I'd just say 'Yup, that's me!' and you'd know and understand." It has been cute, I gotta admit, to see him browsing through my books and magazines. To see 75 year old Dad thumbing through On Our Backs while you're sharing bowls of soup is too much - and when he tried to look at Gatewood's color piercing and vampire-fest book True Blood... well, I did warn him off on that one.

So anyhow, I'm awake now before noon and have to run errands before heading back to Safeco, hopefully to seating in a different place, and hopefully today the hitting and the bullpen won't simultaneously collapse again. All bless the Goddess Caffieniata for her help.

Life is weird, but good.

July 28 Addendum

Those silly conservative christians. [Note to those raised by the Associated Press Style Book - I capitalize 'Christian' in referring to my father. I refuse to do so with these pseudo-christians].

I just heard from the AFA , the American Family Association. It's the ultra right wing conservative Religious Right action group. Opposed to just about everything _my_ family values, and enough to make God Herself puke.

Now they are up in arms over the fact that a Log Cabin Republican is going to address the Republican National Convention.

I know that Gay Republican is a quandary in terms, but I have conservative roots myself and understand some of the issues where I disagree with my liberal friends. Having been a professional politician deep in my past, however, I understand that the pro's of BOTH parties are crooks, and currently I choose to be an outsider who votes issues, and generally vote for the person least likely to take actions to infringe on my rights as a sexual minority. That some gay men and women choose to vote with a party that hates them is a conundrum, but par for the course in a democracy and it is THEIR RIGHT, no matter how misguided.

The AFA sends their action notice today asking that this man, Congressman James Kolbe of Arizona - an 'openly gay' man, gasp! - be arrested. Since Arizona has anti-sodomy laws on the books these simple-minded fools are agitating that he be arrested for being a sodomite.

Gadzooks. It makes one wish for the good old days, when the Talibans first took over and they were cutting off heads of women who didn't wear veils.

I suggest that as many of you as can stomach it get on their mailing list. Listen to everything they ask for action on, and take the exact opposite action. As well, do what I do. When you hear them being especially stupid, give them the light of day and make sure everyone knows just how stupid - but dangerous - they really are.

Sheesh. Life is good, but who knows for how long....

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