July 26th - Bio Family Bonding

Just a brief update.

The next few days or so may be hectic and no idea how much I'll get posted. Dad flies into town tomorrow and the next two days will be consumed with bio family dad/son bonding stuff. Baseball, cooking, trading smut. Thursday evening Dad, my son, and I will get to a Mariners game, and Friday evening Dad and I will head back to Safeco Field for another game. Dad is in his mid 70s and retired to Arizona, and I only get a chance to see him a couple times a year. His partner has serious health problems and this will be a too short visit. Dad's really straight and I'm really bent, but we love each other and I hate to think of life without him.

I started the game stew today for Al D's weekend long ritual. So far I have elk, ox tail, and Italian sausage, all starting to blend. I'll be adding to it all week long until I take it off the low heat and over to Al's place. Dad loves to cook so I'll be soliciting his contributions to the stew also.

I got a sad note from my kid sister today. I'd sent her the usual kinky greetings online postcard on her birthday last week. She's afraid to open it because she works for a government agency and they are monitored on what websites they go to. Double plus ungood. Censorship - to say nothing of living in fear - sucks.

Life will be very good when I see Dad.

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