July 23rd - Late Night

This afternoon I woke up around 3:30pm, several hours too early and two hours after the time I was to be at a BBQ at Malix and Sol's. The invite had specifically stated that those late would be humiliated by those on time, so of course I hustled right on over. Took a couple of chicken breasts and a jar of my all-year-long BBQ sauce.

Each spring for the past few years when I break out the Weber grill I start a jar of BBQ sauce. Take an old mayo jar and slap a date label on it, and start filling it with whatever comes to hand. Tomato paste and Worcester sauce and sweet pickle brine and tamari and garlic paste and mustard and and and. I get it up to a point I like, shake well, and stick it in the fridge. After that I treat it like sourdough starter - however much I use of it, I replace with an equivalent volume of something. One day I'll replace with tomato sauce, the next with teriyaki, the next with wasabi, and the next with a little brown sugar or maybe the drippings out of the bottom of a jar of kimchee. By the end of the summer it is so strong it virtually cooks the meat by itself. On occasion I'll calve off a small starter jar and give to friends with instructions on how to keep it going. I'm two months into this month's batch and it did a fine job on the chicken breasts.

It was a pleasant couple of hours, joking with friends and flirting and trading war stories.

Tonite I'm working on reviewing a few sites and getting myself ready for back to my Other Job tomorrow. I rented "Isn't She Great?" tonite, a slightly fictionalized version of Jacqueline Susann's life. It wasn't a great movie, she wasn't a great author, but watching Nathan Lane and Bette Midler try to out-camp each other was great, even in such a clunker.

I'm still trying to figure out why I'm moving to 'comfort food' classics in my recent movie buys. The Midler/Lane fluff is a rental, to be returned and forgotten. For keepers, though, I brought home a few classics from the cheapo shelf. Last night, John Wayne and Robert Mitchum in "El Dorado". Tonite? Clint Eastwood's "Pale Rider" and the Duke again in "The Shootist". I tend to run in spurts - comedy, musicals, thrillers, right now I guess I'm on a western kick.

Competing for the International Miss Grundy Award [the Attleboro Township Police recently won the domestic version] are the Taliban religious police, in Kandahar, Afghanistan. On Saturday, the 15th of July, armed police stormed the field when a Pakistani youth soccer team was playing a match against an Afghan team. Twelve members of the Pakistani team were arrested and their heads shaved, for the crime of wearing shorts on the athletic field. The strict Islamic dress code requires full tunics and long baggy trousers, even on athletes. Afghani boxers, for example, are unable to compete outside the country as Islamic law requires unshaven beards and boxing regulations forbid beards. Although the official who did the head shaving has been fired, the unapologetic Taliban Sports Minister, Shakoor Muttmai, affirmed that in the future visiting teams will be informed of the uniform standard prior to their arrival. You can do a search on 'Afghan soccer shaving' or similar phrasing at www.worldnews.com and learn more than you want to about the Taliban fundamentalists.

Anyone who can point out any substantive differences between these Afghani folks and the folks who impound adult literature at the Canadian border, or who make dildoes illegal in Texas, or anything that Kenneth Starr does, please let me know.

Life is good, unless you happen to have a minority religion or sexual identity. I thank the Goddess for the relatively safe place I occupy, and will work as hard as possible to expand the safety.

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